"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul is inadvertently controlling users' Xbox One consoles in a new set of TV ads.

Commercials featuring Microsoft Corp.’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One began airing last week on June 5, featuring Paul, who highlights a number of features available on the console. Unfortunately, he also speaks a number of commands for the Xbox One, which have been picked up by television viewers' Kinect motion and voice sensors. Commands such as "Xbox On" and "Xbox play Titanfall" were among the commands spoken by Paul that would inadvertently trigger the consoles.

For people without Xbox One consoles, these commands spoken by Paul are entirely inconsequential. But for those that already own the Xbox One, many were surprised to find their video game consoles turning on inadvertently and responding to other commands as the ad aired. Xbox One owners voiced their reactions, which ranged from amusement to displeasure on Twitter:





While the Xbox One's responses to the Aaron Paul commercial highlight the complications surrounding its voice command features, it isn't the first time the commands have been creatively used with the console. When the Xbox One launched last fall, players found creative ways of causing havoc in multiplayer games such as “Call of Duty: Ghosts.”

These creative players would set their user names to “Xbox turn off” or “Xbox sign out,” enter a multiplayer match and then harass other players until they spoke their user names, resulting in hilarious but expected results.

Users of the Xbox One can keep the console from responding to voice commands by disabling the Kinect sensor.

Also, those looking to avoid the use of the Xbox One's voice command features can purchase the Xbox One without the Kinect for the price of $399.