Adrienne Bailon is the latest target for attack by the Twitter mob, after news of her stepping out on the red carpet in a see-through dress made headlines this week.

The former Cheetah Girls singer, who is popularly known as Rob Kardashian's ex-girlfriend, was left devastated following Thursday's malfunction fiasco, said, a celebrity blog. And it certainly didn't help that people took to posting jabs at the singer on the social networking site.

Pictures of her appearing in a sheer dress, with a ruffled piece of fabric supposedly meant to cover up Adrienne's dignity, have been circulating like wildfire on the internet. The singer-cum-actress was reportedly unaware that she had gone all commando, which was quite apparent after a gust of wind swept the taffeta aside, revealing to the paparazzi all there is to see.  

The incident occurred at the Escape to Total Rewards function, a celeb splashed event that the 28-year-old was attending in New York City.

Check out how the twitterati responded to Bailon's wardrobe malfunction:

- I can now say I have something in common with @RobKardashian ..

 - Welp, only mystery left after those pictures leaked a few years ago of @Adrienne_Bailon was the box, mystery solved.

- Worst wardrobe malfunction ever. Well done to Adrienne Bailon.

- I think I just added someone else to my knock down when I get famous list!!

- Wardrobe malfunction?! Who forgets PANTIES?! RT

- Keepin' it klassy @Adrienne_Bailon. What more would you expect from a wannabe Kardashiawhore?

- Let me put on a sheer dress like Adrienne Bailon and take a pic for my avi so @mulattoodiablo will leave me be. LMAO

- When wannabe's try 2 design-w no experience-except shopping. What no mirrors home either?

- Mortified on too many levels right now.

Bailon apparently addressed those remarks with a tweet that quoted:

-Sometimes a door slammed in the face creates just the right gust of wind to turn you in the right direction.