While other students carry giant photos of celebrities' heads at sporting events, University of Alabama freshman Jack Blankenship decided to blow up a picture of his own face to use on a sign to distract opponents at a recent basketball game. ESPN2 cameras caught Blankenship with his face sign on Feb. 4, showing him looking contorted with bulging eyes and a huge frown.

The announcer couldn't help but question what prompted Blankenship's action.

This guy ... who does that? announcer Pam Ward said. I mean, who makes a picture of themselves?

Blankenship does, and here's why.

I never really saw the relevance of having pictures of celebrities, so I figured why not have a picture of me, he told the media. I thought it would be something a little different.

And it has brought him much attention. Reports are that he has gained 200 Twitter followers within the past 24 hours and is now recognized by his schoomates on campus.

I was walking to class today, and two strangers came up to me and said, 'Oh, you're the guy with the face,' Blankenship said. Pretty wild to say the least.

Blankenship said his weird facial expression is one he has made with some of his closest friends since middle school as an inside joke. Here is Blankenship in April 2010 appearing in the background on the Today show showing off the famous look.

See Blankenship caught on camera during the game below: