Attention-seeking actress Amanda Bynes was at it again Monday after tweeting that she thinks President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are ugly. The nasty tweet has spurred debate on Twitter: Is Bynes racist?




Blogger Hayes Brown of ThinkProgress was among those in the Amanda Bynes is racist camp.




Others on Twitter agreed.







But other Twitter users pointed out that Bynes is an equal opportunity hater when it comes to judging appearances. (The Huffington Post has this clever “Does Amanda Bynes Think You're Ugly? flowchart.) Among those being dubbed ugly by Bynes include “High School Musical” star Zac Efron and even Bynes’ own sister, Jillian. Both Efron and Jillian Bynes are white.

Twitter user @RBPundit was among those saying the “Amanda Bynes is racist” chatter is off the mark.




Even if Amanda Bynes is not a racist, an overwhelmingly number of Twitter users do believe the actress suffers from some form of craziness, offering her provocative tweets, plastic surgeries and troubles with the law as evidence.







But yet other Twitter users don’t believe Bynes is racist or crazy. They say her bizarre Twitter antics are just a cry for attention.







How do you feel about Amanda Bynes? Do you think she’s racist, crazy or just seeking attention? Sound off in the comments section below.