In an angry response to the release of Sarah Palin emails, grassroots conservatives accused major US newspapers and the Guardian of vendetta against the former Alaska governor. Conservatives said Palin had been singled out for special treatment and ask why other politicians like Barack Obama were not being targeted.

Over 24,000 emails from her time as governor (from late 2006 until mid-2009) were made public by Alaska on Friday under freedom of information.

According to a Fox News journalist, who is close to Palin, the treatment of Palin is a media colonoscopy. Greta Van Susteren, the journalist suggested that some news organisations were on a mission to destroy, said a report on

 Sarah Palin simply never did anything to deserve this! Shame on the media that are behind this! said a reader writing to the Washington Post.

A conservative blogsite named Gateway Pundit attracted a large amount on traffic on the issue. Readers on the site are mainly complaining that Obama was not receiving the same treatment from the media.

Wow, if only the media had been this diligent in vetting Obama before the 2008 election, a reader commented.

It seems that the intensive exposure of the emails by the media has hardened the view of her supporters that she is being victimised. However, there is no revelation so far that could harm Palin's bid for the Republican nomination for the presidential race.