Amy Duggar is thrilled to be getting rid of her controversial last name. In the last few months, the Duggar family has been rocked by two scandals involving “19 Kids and Counting” star Josh Duggar, 27. In May, it was revealed that the father of four had molested five young girls when he was 14. Weeks later, on Aug. 18, hackers leaked the information of more than 32 million Ashley Madison users, and among them was Josh Duggar.

With all the drama going on around her, it seems Amy Duggar is more than ready to distance herself from her famous family. According to People magazine, she “can’t wait” to change her name after her wedding on Sunday, Sept. 6. She told the publication she’s grown tired of being called the "Rebel Duggar" for having views that are different from her conservative Christian cousins. Amy Duggar told People that, while she may not share their extreme level of faith, she does abide by a set of moral guidelines.

“I can’t wait to change my name!” she said. “It’s going to be a great day when Dillon signs the marriage license and my last name changes. You have no idea!”

Amy Duggar went on to say that neither she nor her fiancé, Dillon King, have allowed wedding planning to stress them out. She told the publication that they’re “having a lot of fun with it.” Amy Duggar and King are said to be thoroughly looking forward to tying the knot over Labor Day weekend. 

While the guest list for Amy Duggar's wedding is unknown, it's safe to say her cousin Josh Duggar probably won't be in attedance. The self-admitted pornography addict entered rehab on Aug. 26 and is believed to be receiving treatment at Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Illinois. It has since been reported, however, that he’s gone missing from the facility. Josh Duggar is said to have recently missed Sunday services and Bible studies, both of which are mandatory for all those enrolled at the faith-based center. Refusal to participate in scheduled activities is, according to the rehabilitation program’s site, grounds for dismissal. However, it's not clear whether Josh Duggar ever arrived at Reformers Unanimous.

A blog post penned on Aug. 26 by Josh Duggar's mother, Michelle Duggar revealed that her eldest son had decided to seek treatment but did not name the facility. She claimed that her son was hoping to get help that would be part of “a long journey to wholeness and recovery” from his self-proclaimed pornography addiction.