Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt started off their relationship amidst rumors, so it seems only suiting that rumors would be following them seven years later.

The power couple met while filming the 2005 film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. From that point on, the pair has kept a steady stream of gossip and tabloid covers coming. With their six children begging Brad to buy mommy a ring, Jolie and Pitt have been shrugging off the latest rumors about wedding bliss and another pregnancy. Below are the best pregnancy and engagement rumors that have sprung up around the famous lovers this year.

Brad The Architect claimed in late February that Pitt was building a huge reception venue for his beautiful bride-to-be. Pictures of builders on the couple's South of France estate showed a giant white structure being built. The said reception venue is behind an existing chapel on their property. However, Us Weekly is reporting that the building is actually a very modern office space.

Forget About A Summer Wedding

Piggy-backing off of the rumors of the reception hall, is reporting that the builders have been working to have the hall completed for September.  Back in February, the couple were said to have checked out the progress of their future love shack.

The Wedding Is Off!

Rumored to finally have decided to get married, OK! Magazine reported that the wedding was off at the end of February because of Jennifer Aniston. It was reported that Maddox asked Pitt about Aniston, and when Pitt told the truth Jolie became furious.

Twin Boys For Angelina

At the beginning of February OK! Magazine's cover read in big bold letters, Twins Again! Sources told the magazine that the mom of six is expecting twin boys, and that the couple can't believe they've been so blessed again.

Wedding Of The Year

According to OK! Magazine, Brad and Angelina's trip to McDonald's with the kids on Mar. 3 is a good sign that they're going through with the nuptials. The gossip magazine also reported that Jolie is pregnant with twin boys. Supposedly the couple want to become man and wife before they welcome their new twins. They've both realized how much they want to be together, said a source to the magazine.

Think About The Children

Pitt told the Hollywood Reporter around Oscar time that their children would like them to get married. It means so much to my kids, and they ask a lot. And it means something to me, too, to make that kind of commitment, said Pitt to the magazine.

In a couple month's the world will be able to sort out the fact from the fiction in the Brad and Angelina universe.