Apple has announced a new version of its flagship MacBook laptop, and while it doesn’t have any major new features, the updated device will carry the latest Intel processors, promise longer battery life, and even come in the rose gold finish the company’s iPhones have been offered in for some time.

Apple was widely tipped to refresh its 12-inch MacBook this month ahead of its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in June, when the company is expected to announce entirely new MacBook models. The MacBook, which was initially launched last year, features a Retina display, edge-to-edge keyboard and slim chassis. Controversially it also ditched all ports in favor of a single USB-C port used for charging, data transfer and anything else you need it for.

The new models, which can be ordered as of April 19, retain all the same design and features of the original but with the inclusion of Intel’s latest Skylake processors, an update which has the added benefit Apple says of giving the MacBook an extra 30 minutes of battery life. Another performance boost sees the minimum RAM shipped with any MacBook increased from 4GB to 8GB.

Apple MacBook Skylake Apple's MacBook is now available in the same colors as its iPhones and iPads. Photo: Apple

The addition of the extra color option for the MacBook brings Apple’s laptop in line with its iOS devices, with all now available in grey, silver, gold, and rose gold.

The MacBook now comes in just two configurations. The entry-level model, featuring a 1.1 GHz Core m3 processor and 256 GB of storage, costs $1,299 while the more expensive $1,599 model features a faster 1.2GHz Core m5 processor and 512GB of flash memory. Apple's use of the energy-efficient Core m processors from Intel over the more powerful Core i chips means the MacBook retains its fanless design but is not as powerful as similar laptops.

Reports suggest that Apple will launch ultra-slim 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook models at WWDC, which could replace the company’s MacBook Pro range and also feature USB-C as the primary port, though the company may include more than the single port seen on the 12-inch MacBook.

Apple MacBook rose Gold Apple's 12-inch MacBook now comes in rose gold, like its iPhones and iPads. Photo: Apple

With MacBooks ranking among the most recognizable laptops on the market, competitors are aiming to catch up — and in some cases surpass — them in terms of design. Just two weeks ago HP launched the Spectre, calling it the world’s thinnest laptop, with PC chief Ron Coughlin telling the Wall Street Journal that HP was going “take over the mantle” from Apple as an innovator in this area.