Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri is known for cracking jokes, but a new update has Siri laying the smackdown on rival Google’s wearable computer, Google Glass.

As The Verge reports, if you prompt Siri with the Google Glass phrase “Okay Glass,” you’ll receive a serious round of trash talk from your virtual assistant. Siri appears to have five responses to the Google Glass activation phrase, all of them full of sass and spite.

"I think that Glass is half empty."

"Stop trying to strap me to your forehead. It won't work."

"I'm not Glass. And I'm just fine with that."

"Glass? I think you've got the wrong assistant."

"Just so you know, I don't do anything when you blink at me."

While Apple CEO Tim Cook has never publicly addressed Google Glass by name, it’s clear that he shares Siri’s disdain for the wearable computer. At this year’s All Things D conference, Cook discussed the current state of wearable computing, saying that nothing yet on the market (presumably including Google Glass) is particularly worthwhile. Given that Apple is reportedly working on developing its own smartwatch, it would make sense for Cook to fire a few shots at Google.

"There are lots of wearables in this space now. The ones that are doing more than one thing -- there's nothing great out there that I've seen,” Cook said at the conference. “Nothing that's going to convince a kid that's never worn glasses or a band or a watch or whatever to wear one."