“Are You the One?” is about to get a little more personal. The Season 3 stars are in for a surprise in episode 8 when MTV brings the female cast member’s exes into the house. Things will get even more intimate when Kiki reveals she and Devin are facing some problems in the bedroom.

According to MTV’s synopsis for “Sorry Dad,” the girls will be “shocked” when some of their former flames are brought in to “dish dirt” on them. Will their confessions result in trouble in paradise for some of the potential “AYTO?” Season 3 couples?

Elsewhere in episode 8, Kiki and Devin will face some personal problems. With Kiki still unaware of Devin’s plot to treat her like a "puppet" and make her look foolish in front of the rest of the house following her flirtations with Chuck, Kiki will continue to be intimate with him. Their relationship hits a bump, however, when Kiki reveals their bedroom activities are leaving her with more to be desired.

“I kind of think I made a mistake with Dev,” Kiki says in a confessional after their hookup leaves her underwhelmed. “I think it’s funny because he claims he’s like such a sexual guy ... Clearly not or clearly you’re not into me.” According to MTV’s synopsis, Kiki “spills tea about her sex life with Devin to the rest of the house,” which is sure to result in some major drama.

Watch Kiki dish about her romance with Devin:

While Kiki and Devin’s relationship hits a bump, Hunter will try to make a new connection with Amanda. In a sneak-peek video of episode 8, which shows the pair on what appears to be a date, Hunter tries to win over Amanda’s heart, despite her connection with Mike. “I’ve always had you in my top … Even when I hated your guts,” Hunter admits. He says even though Amanda drives him “crazy,” she always knows how to make him laugh.

“People don’t realize she’s very sensitive, she’s insecure about certain things," Hunter says. "You just gotta crack through that hard outside shell and get to the soft inside."

Amanda says she’s unsure if Hunter could be her perfect match, but that it’s clear his intentions are pure. “I don’t know if he’s going to spear his way into my heart, being a hunter, but we’ll see,” she teases.

Watch Hunter and Amanda talk it out:

Could Amanda and Mike be a perfect match? Share your predictions in the comments section below! “Are You the One?” Season 3, episode 8 airs Wednesday, Nov. 11, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.