Two couples ending in disaster in episode 4 of “Are You the One?” Season 4. Find out who broke up, who visited the truth booth in “Three’s A Crowd” and what’s ahead for episode 5 of the MTV series.

Trouble In Paradise

Fresh off their most successful matchup ceremony yet, the cast returns to the house and Gio decides to celebrate by pieing Tori in the face. The move upset Kaylen, his presumed perfect match, who says it frustrated her when he gets “overly friendly” with other women.

Gio decides to bring Kaylen into the boom boom room to get away from the house distractions, but it doesn’t resolve their issues. Kaylen says she’s mistaken intimate chemistry for love in the past and her guard is up. Gio tells the cameras if Kaylen keeps pushing him away, their problems may become too big to fix.

While one couple at the house begins to implode, Cameron and Mikala are high on love in the honeymoon suite. Mikala says their love connection since finding out they are a perfect match in episode 3 is real.

Tori and Asaf also continue their romance. Tori says she’s attracted to Asaf’s honesty and doesn’t mind if he can’t provide for her financially.

“Three’s A Crowd”

Despite Kaylen’s concerns about his flirtations, Gio is seen talking up another women in the house: John’s former flame Julia. After discussing foreplay together, Gio admits he finds Julia attractive, calling her “sexy, sweet and spicy.”

The Challenge

At the challenge, host Ryan Devlin announces the women will be playing Dirty Laundry. The event has them matching up hygiene facts about the men in the house to their photos. The three players to answer the most questions correctly in the fastest time will earn a spot on the date, but there’s a twist! Ryan says the first-place winner will not only be responsible choosing her own date partner, she will also have to pick for the other two ladies.

Tori says she “needs” to win and her tenacity shows as she locks in first. While she doesn’t earn first-place overall, she does earn the third spot on the dates. Julia comes in second and Emma places first, making her the grand matchmaker for the outings. Emma decides on Stephen, saying she doesn’t want to go out with John because he’ll be “miserable” the entire date. When it comes time to pick Julia’s date partner she chooses Morgan. While Julia says Emma’s pick doesn’t make sense to her, Emma says it was all about strategy: she wanted Asaf and Tori, her third pick, to go into the truth booth.

The Break-Up

After the competition Kaylen says she’s noticing Gio is keeping her at a distance. When Kaylen confronts him, Gio says he thinks they need space and he wants to explore his options. Kaylen says she feels “shattered” but reasons that Gio is afraid to find out they’re not a match and he’s living too much in his own head.

The Bombshell

Tori, fully confident Asaf will be her perfect match and they’ll be heading int the truth booth, tells him she wants to have fun in the house before they leave for the honeymoon suite. Asaf appears to take her comment too much to heart and hooks up with Francesca, his first connection in the house. After sharing a passionate kiss, the two have sex in the boom boom room.

The next day on the date, Asaf tells Tori they need to talk. Tori thinks Asaf is going to tell her he’s in love, but instead, he drops a bombshell and tells her about his hookup with Francesca. He blames his actions on being in the heat of the moment and drunk. Tori responds by saying she’s hopeful they’re not a match and walks away from their date.

Despite being on a date with Morgan, Julia goes to comfort Tori after seeing her crying alone. When Julia learns what Asaf did, she confronts him. Julia stands up for Tori, asking Asaf if he would want his sister to hurt the way Tori is hurting. Asaf gets mad at Julia for interfering and tells her it’s none of her business. Julia gives a final dig to Asaf by telling him he’s not a real man.

The Truth Booth

When it comes time for the truth booth nominations Ryan asks and Gio and Kaylen how they’re doing since talking marriage in episode 2, and they reveal they’re taking a break. Gio says he doesn’t think she trusts him and “it’s over.” Kaylen says he played her. “It’s not right. It’s just not,” she says.

When it comes time to talk about the dates, Tori announces Asaf’s hook up with Francesca. Tori also tells off Francesca, who admits to the cameras she still have feelings for Asaf. Franesca says she doesn’t regret her hookup but she regrets how Tori found out.

“I hope you had the best f--- of your life last night because you’re not f---ing getting it at all ever!” Tori tells Asaf.

When Tori and Asaf are voted into the truth booth, Asaf stands in font of the house to apologize but Tori cuts him off. Asaf says he hopes for Tori’s sake they’re not a match. Luckily for both of them, they’re revealed to not be a match and sent back to the house. Tori says she’s relieved but feels bad for whoever end up being Asaf’s match.

New Relationships

While several couples start to implode, others start to form in the house. Victoria and Cam begin to flirt. She says she’s not a country girl like Cam, but wants to get out of her comfort zone. Meanwhile, Stephen and Julia strengthen their bond. Julia says unlike John, Stephen builds her up.

Despite Stephen’s feelings for Julia, Gio makes it known he also thinks Julia is his perfect match. He tells Stephen he doesn’t think Kaylen is his match but he will not move forward with Julia until he’s closed the book on her. Stephen appears upset by his remarks, but says he respects his feelings.

Matchup Ceremony

At the matchup ceremony the men are tasked with picking their matches. When it comes time for Asaf to chose, he picks Camille over Francesca. Camille says she understands Asaf’s history with other women in the house and just wants to move on.

During Gio’s turn he picks Kaylen, but still says he doesn’t want a woman who doesn’t trust him. Kaylen says she feels he picked her out of obligation. Holding his hands, Kaylen tells Gio she loves him and she still wants him. Emma says its clear Kaylen and Gio are going to get back together and he’s sabotaging himself.

The matchup ceremony ends with three new beams of light and no blackout.

Here’s who picked who in episode 4:

Cameron-Mikala (confirmed)










Episode 5 will see Prosper and Nicole ramp up their flirtations, as well as Cam and Victoria.