Kaylen And Gio
Kaylen and Gio will hit a bump in their relationship on “Are You the One?”  MTV

With one confirmed perfect match and a few established couples, “Are You the One?” Season 4 is off to a positive start. From episode 1, Giovanni and Kaylen made it clear they were interested in each other, and in episode 2, they announced they were already discussing marriage. Despite their big plans together it appears they will hit a bump in the road in the next installment.

The synopsis for episode 4, “Three’s A Crowd,” reveals the house will be “thrown into turmoil” when Gio and Kaylen’s relationship starts to fall apart, and a sneak peek gives a glimpse at their problems. A clip from the forthcoming installment shows Gio hitting it off with another cast member — John’s controversial former flame Julia.

In the sneak peek, the two chat it up in the “AYTO?” house as Kaylen looks on. After discussing foreplay in a relationship and his “hammer” Gio reveals to the cameras he finds Julia attractive.

“I think Julia’s sexy. Sweet and spicy,” he says. “Eat it like groceries, that’s it. That’s it!”

While viewers will have to wait until July 11 to see how Kaylen reacts to their flirtations, Gio admits in a second sneak peek that his actions have upset his speculated perfect match. Gio is shown taking Kaylen into the boom boom room to get away from the house “distractions” and “drama,” but it doesn’t go as planned. After having sex, Kaylen cries.

“I just feel like you’re f---ing me for yourself, not to please me,” she tells Gio. He responds by telling her sex is “no big deal.” Gio later tells the cameras Kaylen's pushing him away may be the end of their relationship. “Some things you f--- up and you can’t fix, and I don’t know if she realizes that,” he says.

In her own interview Kaylen reveals Gio may not be her perfect match after all, despite their initial connection. “In the past I’ve dated someone, and I’ve used intimate chemistry and mistook it for love,” she explains. “My guard is up. I know it is.”

While Kaylen and Gio may go up in flames in episode 4, another romance will just be getting started. Fresh off their first kiss in episode 3, Asaf and Tori will continue their flirtations. A third sneak peek shows Asaf eating his lunch off his love interest’s backside, much to her pleasure.

While Asaf says he’s attracted to Tori’s easygoing nature, she says she’s drawn to his honestly, specifically following his breakup with Francesca. “You’re going to fall in love with me,” Asaf warns his fellow contestant, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Do you think Kaylen and Gio are a perfect match? Sound off in the comments section below! The next episode of “Are You the One?” airs Monday, July 11, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.