Tori may have had her heart broken on Monday’s “Are You the One?” but it doesn’t appear she’ll be single for long. A sneak peek of episode 5 shows the Season 4 cast member setting her sights on a new man in the forthcoming installment. 

MTV’s preview for “Beer Googles” shows Tori getting over Asaf and his hookup with Francesca by flirting with Morgan. While Tori questions whether Morgan could be the one for her in the clip, she doesn’t have a problem licking whipped cream off his chest. 

“It’s part of my natural habitat,” Morgan says as he’s shown licking the sweet treat off Tori’s foot in return. “I always try to initiate and facilitate good times.” Morgan goes on to call the woman in the house “freaks” and reveals his desire to find out their specific fetishes. “Hopefully Tori is into some foot stuff,” he says with a smile.

The sneak peek also shows Tori and Morgan might not be the only couple to form in episode 5. Nicole makes it known she has a thing for Prosper, who she sat with during last week’s matchup ceremony. After being shown licking whipped cream from Prosper’s bare chest the two share a passionate kiss in front of their housemates. “Prosper’s my main target,” Nicole admits. “This could be the start of a match.”

While two new romances form, Stephen and Julia’s connection will continue to heat up. A second sneak peek shows Stephen surprising his presumed perfect match with a surprise date at the “AYTO?” house. 

“Waking up to Stephen telling me he has a date planned is why I’m attached to Stephen,” Julia says. “He has a romantic side but it’s not a cheesy romantic side. It’s just kinda like he’s there, he’s caring and he’s thinking about me.”

Following her failed truth booth visit with John, Stephen tells the cameras he’s confident Julia is his perfect match. “I’m starting to fall for her,” he admits. “It’s scares the s--- out of me but I guess that’s what I came for — to see if I could feel like this again.”

Unfortunately for Kaylen, her romance with Gio won’t continue to flourish. TV Guide’s synopsis for episode 5 reveals Gio will pursue Julia, who he revealed he considers to be his perfect match in episode 4, and “every other girl in the house.” 

“Are You the One?” Season 4, episode 5 airs Monday, July 18, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.