A company called Flurry looked at Android tablet sales over the holiday season in 2011, and found the Asus Transformer lost out to the Kindle Fire in the best selling Android tablet category. Flurry looked at which tablets spent the most time in a series of apps the company is involved in, and determined the Amazon Kindle Fire was the top dog in the rapidly growing Android tablet space. The previous leader was the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and in just a few months, the Kindle Fire knocked it out of the top spot, but just barely.

That's partly due to the Kindle Fire's $200 price tag of course, but Flurry also determined the device's access to Amazon content helped push sales. Apple takes a similar approach to their iPad, Flurry said. By selling the iPad as a way to get cool App Store apps, Apple has been able to outsell every other tablet combined. The Kindle Fire is a seven inch tablet running a customized Android operating system. It has good battery life and a decent, bright display, but it lacks storage and has no access to the Android Market for apps. Start the slideshow to see the top five Android tablets by holiday 2011 sales. Tell us in the comments if you got a new tablet over the holidays.

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