ABC’s “The Bachelor” is all about finding love – and in order to get to that point one lucky gentleman must kiss a lot of ladies. This season 32-year-old single dad Juan Pablo is the one that gets to do all the smooching … and fans can’t stop talking about it.

Juan Pablo won viewers over during his short stint on “The Bachelorette” with Desiree Hartsock. JP didn’t end up with a lot of screen time, and was eliminated pretty early on in the show. However his accent, soccer skills and sexy body immediately had fans begging ABC for him to be the next “Bachelor” – and it worked!

His journey to find love and a step-mom for his daughter Camila began in January, and viewers are now anxiously waiting for hometown and overnight dates. But JP’s path to his final four ladies hasn’t exactly been easy. He was forced to let go a lot of girls that he had strong feelings for, refused to kiss some people, and even got into a misunderstanding with one of his front runners, Clare.

But with all the drama aside, Twitter users can’t stop talking about the way Juan Pablo kisses.

“It kind of disturbs me when Juan Pablo is kissing girls and you can see their tongues,” tweeted @Elizabethhh28.

“New drinking game: a shot every time #JuanPablo sticks his tongue down some girl’s throat. You’ll be wasted in 30 minutes. #TheBachelor,” @Swaugster posted.

“Does anyone else notice the weird tongue thing Juan Pablo does before he kisses people? #Bachelor,” @Olivia_ak2 tweeted.

Are viewers truly “disturbed” by watching Juan Pablo kiss? Or are they jealous of his make out sessions? As “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison responded to one fan’s question about seeing JP’s tongue every 15 minutes … “Sorry in the contract.”

Our thinking is that “Bachelor” fans are just jealous of watching the Latino heartthrob’s steamy hookups. But don’t fret if you’re not at JP’s level – we’ve broke down Juan Pablo’s sweet smooching and got the tips on how you can kiss just like the bachelor. Check out the 7 steps below:

Step 1 – Choose your target.

Step 2 – Begin seducing your target by whispering sweet nothings – preferably about having babies and getting married.

Step 3 – Tilt your target’s face up.

Step 4 – Get a good grip on your target by using both hands to grab their cheeks.

Step 5 – Dig your thumbs into cheeks and begin nuzzling their face and neck.

Step 6 – Stick your tongue in your targets mouth and do a wide sweep. (PRO TIP: Don’t worry about “staying in the lines.” Kissing can just be in the general area of the mouth.)

Step 7 – Pull away from your target and whisper “Ay yay yay” in their ear.

OPTIONAL: To spice up the smooch fest you can tell your target that the kiss was a “mistake.” This will then potentially cause your target to have tears roll down their face, providing more lubrication. Then repeat steps 2 – 7.  

Watch “The Bachelor” on Monday, Feb. 24 when Juan Pablo goes on hometown dates with Andi, Nikki, Clare and Renee. Don’t miss Tuesday, Feb. 25 when the ABC show airs the drama packed overnight dates.