Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” is going to be one you won’t want to miss. Although star Ben Higgins has narrowed his search for love down to two women — Lauren and JoJo — the hit ABC reality series is putting the big proposal on the backburner for the fan favorite special, “The Women Tell All.” That’s right, it’s time for Ben to come face-to-face with all of the women he broke up with.

Ben is certainly no “Juan Pablo,” but he did have a couple of emotional breakups throughout the season. He’ll have to sit down with Jubilee and Amanda, two contestants who want closure from “The Bachelor” star.

Then, of course, there is Olivia. A frontrunner from the start of the competition after landing the “first impression” rose; Olivia quickly became the house villain. But were the other ladies simply jealous of Olivia’s connection with Ben? Or did they have good reasons to hate her? Olivia will have a chance to sit down with host Chris Harrison and defend herself.

Finally, fans won’t want to miss Caila’s sit down regarding the “devastating ending to her love story with Ben.” Caila fell head over heels for the 27-year-old software salesman, and even confessed that she was in love with him during her episode 9 date with him in Jamaica. While Ben previously told the cameras that his relationship with Caila was the “deepest,” that wasn’t enough to keep her in the competition. Following his overnight fantasy suite dates with Lauren and JoJo, Ben made the tough decision to send Caila home.

There is bound to be plenty of drama as Ben faces the ladies he eliminated. Catch all the action, including a sneak peek at the upcoming Season 20 finale, when “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” airs on ABC Monday, March 7 at 8 p.m. EST.