Only three men remain on “The Bachelorette,” but star Kaitlyn Bristowe is as confused as ever about who her future husband could be. Although she can see a life with Ben H., there is no denying the attraction she feels toward Shawn and Nick. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to stall the elimination of one contestant in episode 9.

Monday’s installment of the ABC reality-television series will pick up where episode 8 left off -- Shawn’s awkward and heated confrontation with Nick. Viewers will remember that Nick enjoyed a romantic overnight date with Kaitlyn, while Shawn’s jealousy grew to new levels. Unable to stop thinking about Kaitlyn’s confession of her intimate night with “the other guy,” Shawn decides to confront him.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn still has two overnight dates to get through before deciding whose families she will be meeting. The second contestant to land the overnight date is Ben H. The synopsis teases that Kaitlyn and Ben H. “tour the Irish countryside on horseback.” It’s while on their romantic adventure that Ben H. takes the opportunity to “confess his love for the Bachelorette.” But will his words be enough to convince Kaitlyn that he’s the one? Viewers have to remember that she never told him about her passionate night with Nick.

Shawn will finally get his chance to go on an overnight date with his beloved, and things quickly turn “romantic and sexy.” However, they don’t stay that way. Kaitlyn’s forced to confront Shawn about his argument with Nick. It’s possible that his distaste for “the other guy” could end up getting him eliminated -- especially because the two don’t stop fighting. The synopsis continues that their “clash” will be ongoing and “add tension” to Kaitlyn’s already tough situation.

Kaitlyn will definitely make her elimination decision in episode 9 and travel to Utah to meet the families of the two remaining men. But this will only add problems for Kaitlyn as the two families are “skeptical and worried that their men will be hurt in this quest for love.”

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