The tears are flowing in Dublin, Ireland in episode 7 of “The Bachelorette.” ABC reality star Kaitlyn Bristowe might be falling in love in the romantic city, but the issue is that she’s falling in love with multiple men – and the feelings are beginning to take a toll on her emotionally.

When viewers last left off in episode 6, Kaitlyn and Nick V.’s hot connection resulted in a steamy session between the sheets. Kaitlyn felt guilty the next day – but not because she got intimate with him. Instead, Kaitlyn was torn because of how strong her other relationships in the house are. She continued to connect with Jared during the group date, but her decision to give him the rose resulted in Shawn B. having a meltdown.

Episode 6 concluded with Shawn B. visiting Kaitlyn in her hotel room to talk about their relationship, and that’s exactly where episode 7 picked up.

Shawn B. wants to know if Kaitlyn is in love with him, but that’s something that Kaitlyn can’t tell him. (Hasn’t Shawn B. read “The Bachelorette” rule book?) “You can’t put me on the spot like that,” she tells him. However, she does add that she is “falling in love with him.”

That’s good enough to hold Shawn B. over for now. But his visit makes Kaitlyn admit to the cameras that her feelings for Shawn are overwhelming.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn still has to go on her first 2-on-1 date and it’s the least dramatic 2-on-1 date in the history of “The Bachelorette.” Joe and JJ are totally cordial with each other and not trying to sabotage their relationship with Kaitlyn. While that’s nice, it’s a total snooze for TV.

Joe confesses to Kaitlyn that he’s falling in love with her, and Kaitlyn tells the cameras that Joe’s openness blew her away. JJ, on the other hand, tells the bachelorette about his biggest regret – he cheated on his wife three years ago.

Kaitlyn tells JJ that she appreciates him telling her and that she’s sure he learned from his mistakes. But when it comes down to handing out the date rose, Kaitlyn tells JJ that she doesn’t think it’s fair to keep him around when he has a daughter at home. With tears in her eyes she sends JJ packing, but that doesn’t mean that Joe gets the rose. She confesses that she doesn’t feel like she had enough time with him, and wants to spend more alone time before deciding what to do with the rose.

Ultimately Joe ends up getting the rose and is in the running for another week. But when he returns to the house and tells the other contestants that he’s falling in love with her, Shawn B. has yet another meltdown.

He once again goes to Kaitlyn’s room to be “truthful” and “honest” with her. His arrival makes Kaitlyn freak out about Nick again, but Shawn B. only wants to talk about their relationship. He needs reassurance, but Kaitlyn can’t give it to him. She tells him that if their relationship is going to happen, then “everything else needs to happen” and there is no way around it.

Shawn B.’s meltdown comes right before the rose ceremony, and it leads Kaitlyn to truly think about their relationship. She regrets giving him so much reassurance, and feels the heat from Ben H., who confesses that he knows that something happened between her and Shawn B. Kaitlyn’s shocked by Ben H.’s confrontation, but admits that she was in the wrong.

With Jared, Nick and Joe holding date roses, Kaitlyn gives the first rose to Ben H. Chris lands the second rose, and the third and final one goes to Shawn B. Tanner and Ben Z. are eliminated in episode 7.

With the contestants narrowed down to 6, the group hits the road again – this time to Killarney, Ireland. While Shawn B., Ben H., Joe, Chris and Nick take a bus, Kaitlyn asks Jared to take a solo ride with her to admire the countryside. The couple makes a couple pit stops along the way, kissing the Blarney stone and making out at the hotel.

Things appear to be looking up for Kaitlyn … until “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison arrives at her room. He questions whether or not Kaitlyn is ready to meet four families. When she talks about her mistakes with Shawn B. and Nick instead of answering, Chris Harrison pitches a new idea – she eliminates three guys and postpones the hometown dates.

The game changer means that three guys will be eliminated, and that fantasy suite dates will happen the next week in Ireland. After she gets off-camera alone time with the three men, she’ll have to narrow it down to two contestants. Those two contestants will get the opportunity to take Kaitlyn to their hometowns to meet their families.

Kaitlyn agrees that postponing the hometown dates would be in her best interest, and embarks on her first one-on-one date. Chris is the lucky guy to get alone time with Kaitlyn … but by the end of the date he figures out that he’s not so lucky.

The pair take a helicopter to the countryside to enjoy a romantic picnic, but things take a turn when Kaitlyn admits that her “heart is elsewhere. In the middle of tears, she confesses that she doesn’t see them being together forever. Kaitlyn hops in the helicopter and leaves Chris on the cliff to cry into his scarf.