The Nasdaq-listed Chinese search engine Baidu Inc has topped Yahoo! to become the world's second most popular search engine in June, the US marketing research company ComScore released in its report this week.

Baidu, the biggest Chinese Internet search service provider in the world took 6.9% of the market share in June, second only to Google which held 68.9% of the world's search engine market.

Comscore's data shows that market shares of Yahoo! and Microsoft come to 6.5% and 2.3% respectively.

Baidu's market share in the Chinese search engine arena rose to 75.7% in the second quarter of this year, up 1.6% from the previous quarter, and market share of fell to 19.8% during the same period, the Chinese consulting firm iResearch said recently.

China, with its 338 million netizens, has become the biggest internet base in the world, an industry analyst said. Baidu, will be the biggest gainer as it's the first choice for Chinese netizens.