After an over 30 minute delay Saturday night, The Promise Ring took the Zumiez Stage at Bamboozle. Performing at the same time as the Foo Fighters, the Emo band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin had an intimate crowd of a couple hundred gathered.

Hot Water Music's late set and technical difficulties didn't put any strain on the band though, who reunited less than a year ago. With the crowd very impatient, lead singer Davey von Bohlen took to mic to sing about fixing the bass while the stage techs worked with Scott Schoenbeck.

Technical difficulties finally aside, The Promise Ring swung into Happiness Is All The Rage, and Emergency! Emergency!

For those Bamboozlers who were at the Jimmy Eat World set at the Main Stage earlier, that wasn't their first time listening to Davey sing that day, who joined the band for a song.

Drinking a beer while on set with The Promise Ring, Davey asked the crowd if they were having a good time. After getting an agreeable cheer, he dedicated the next song Jersey Shore to the crowd. This one is for ya'll!

The band played more fan favorites like Red And Blue Jeans and A Picture Postcard.

Before the band hopped on set I got a chance to talk with Promise Ring drummer Dan Didier about the band's reunion.

Forming in 1995, The Promise Ring dissolved in 2002, and briefly reunited in 2005. In 2011, the band teased fans of a reunion after taking to Twitter to write, Hello again...

In 2005 it was kind of fun because I hadn't seen Jason all that much because he moved to Brooklyn, Dan says of getting back into the swing of things with the band. And Scott, we lived in the same town, but I didn't get to see him all that often. Either he was on tour with Dashboard, or the band I was in with Davey, Maritime, was on tour. So it was nice to get back together back then.

Dan explained that a reunion was always in the band members hearts, but it was tough to make it work. Because of the emotional success of the 2005 reunion, The Promise Ring decided to give it another go. It made the decision to do something in the future easy, he said. It just took awhile to do it.

All of our lives are at a point where we can spend the seven or eight weekends or whatever we are going to do the shows, he laughed about taking time from their other lives.

Don't hope for new music from the band though. No, no...right now this is all reunion, he says quickly. Fortunately their old stuff is so good that I'm willing to forgive them for not venturing into new music territory. We're not back together, he explained, clearing up any confusion. We're playing shows together...but we're not back together. We're doing this to have fun.

Dan did say that at their reunion performances, fans can expect all the hits. Judging from Saturday's stellar display, I think fans may be willing to settle for that.

For those dying to hear new music from Dan and Davey, Maritime is still kind of going on. We're not doing as much as we used to, Dan explained. We just released a record [Human Hearts] last year. So we're just going to start getting into the swing of things of writing our next one, and see where that goes.