Four months after rumors of a giant prehistoric shark easter egg hidden in “Battlefield 4” set off a community-wide hunt on the Paracel Storm map, YouTube game commentator Jackfrags and several “BF4” players have finally found the Megalodon.

In a video published Friday, JackFrags captured in-game footage of “Battlefield 4” on the multiplayer map Nansha Strike, where several players made a coordinated effort to trigger the Megalodon easter egg hidden on the map. In the footage captured by JackFrags, 10 players are seen gathering around a buoy on the Nansha Strike map, which triggers a Megalodon to leap out from the water and crush the players gathered around the buoy.

While initial rumors about a Megalodon hidden in “Battlefield 4” set off a community-wide search for the ancient giant prehistoric shark on Paracel Storm and other “BF4” maps, it appears that this easter egg may have been added as part of the “Battlefield 4: Naval Strike” downloadable content (DLC) pack in reaction to the overwhelming response by the “BF4” community, who discovered several easter eggs along the way before finally finding the Megalodon easter egg in “Battlefield 4.”

Other notable easter eggs discovered in “Battlefield 4” since the hunt began in December 2013 have included references to “Jurassic Park” in the Rogue Transmission map and an exploding ship on the Hainan Resort map.

Regardless of whether the Megalodon was added by EA DICE in response to the “Battlefield 4” community, or was planned all along, the response to the “BF4” easter egg has been overwhelmingly positive.

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