Battlefield 4 Developer Hainan Resort Easter Egg
An EA DICE developer confirmed the existence of an Easter egg on the "Battlefield 4" Hainan Resort multiplayer map. Reddit/Superjake

“Battlefield 4” players initially went bonkers over news of the possibility of a hidden Megalodon Easter egg on the “BF4” map, Paracel Storm. Players responded by jumping on any server with the Paracel Storm map, establishing servers dedicated to the “BF4” Megalodon Easter egg hunt and even sharing theories and ideas on Twitter, YouTube and Reddit.

While the search for the “Battlefield 4” Megalodon Easter egg on Paracel Storm turned up more theories than actual results, other Easter eggs strewn across “BF4’s” multiplayer maps were discovered. According to several players of Electronics Arts (NASDAQ:EA) and its Sweden-based DICE’s “Battlefield 4,” one particular Easter egg that was discovered on the Rogue Transmission multiplayer map pays homage to the 1993 science fiction film “Jurassic Park.”

The Rogue Transmission “BF4” Easter egg can be triggered by hitting a couple of buttons hidden on the map simultaneously and completing a couple more actions. The result is the sound of a dinosaur server-wide and trees rustling as if a dinosaur is stomping nearby.

With the discovery of this “Battlefield 4” Easter egg on the Rogue Transmission map, some thought the hunt was over. However, other intrepid “BF4” players thought otherwise and turned their attention toward the “Battlefield 4” internal files, where unique map assets were found specifically intended for the Hainan Resort multiplayer map. In them, a couple of bizarre sound files were discovered, leading to another hunt for more “BF4” Easter eggs on Hainan Resort.

As for how to trigger the unconfirmed Hainan Resort Easter egg, more theories have popped up, including one that speculates that certain oil patches in “Battlefield 4” map appear to be arrows of some sort. While players are still unsure if the arrows mean anything, a DICE developer playing on the Hainan Resort map was seen indicating in a chat that “there’s something to be activated,” on the Hainan Resort “BF4” map.

BF4 battlefield 4 hainan map dice developer
An EA DICE developer confirmed the existence of an Easter egg on the Hainan Resort "Battlefield 4" multiplayer map. Reddit/Jertzukka

Other Easter eggs discovered by digging through “Battlefield 4” asset files include “Yeti” sounds tied to “BF4’s” Golmud Railway map.

Despite the discovery of these Easter eggs, some “Battlefield 4” players, including the YouTube commentator JackFrags, still believe that there is a Megalodon Easter egg still waiting to be triggered.

While the Megalodon theory has yet to be proven, EA DICE sent out a tweet teasing players with a picture of an EA DICE anti-cheat engineer’s desktop background: a picture of a shark.

Do you think we’ve seen the last of the “Battlefield 4” Easter eggs, or do you think a Megalodon Easter egg is still out there waiting to be discovered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.