Which Industry Has The Most Office Romances This Valentine’s Day?

There’s a one-in-four chance you’ll marry the person you meet at work, according to a Canadian employment firm that conducted a survey of 400 workers to discover which profession launches the most office romances.

While utilities and information technology ranked among the highest at 51 percent and 46 percent, respectively, the No. 1 highest just might surprise you.

New York Fashion Week Review: Cynthia Rowley Ditches Runway For A Sortorial Soiree [Photos and Video].

New York Fashion Week is over, so what did you miss on the runway? What runway?! That’s right, Cynthia Crowley eschewed the traditional venue where designers display their work and opted for something far more spectacular.

Paul J. Taubman, The Merger King Behind The Massive Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal

It’s not every day that you rank among the top 10 most influential in technology, media and telecom mergers and acquisitions, but thats where Paul J. Taubman landed, placing No. 8 on the list, ahead of mega banks Citigroup and Deutsche Bank. Taubman successfully brokered the recent Comcast and Time-Warner deal, netting him a cool $10 million, as well as a similar sum for last year’s Verizon and Vodaphone deal.

Union Vote in Tennessee: Here’s What You Need To Know About The Push To Create A German-Style Works Council At A Volkswagen Plant In Chattanooga.

Workers narrowly prevailed in their vote against having a German-style union at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee, with 712 opposed and 626 in favor. While a union would have offered security for the workers, it was -- surprisingly -- rejected. And a certain Republican senator from Tennessee says there's more to the no vote than meets the eye.

“Flappy Bird" Game Deleted: The Rise And Fall Of The Most Addictive Mobile Game In Years

The Flappy Bird game had to be one of the most addictive ever, so much so that the inventor decided to delete it. But why, really? Though he'd earned $50,000 a day from ad revenue, he'd also been accused of ripping off old games, and then when he said he was taking it down, players isssued death threats and said they would commit suicide.