“Teen Wolf” is going to introduce a major threat in the Season 6 premiere. The Ghost Riders will be coming to Beacon Hills, and they’re supposed to be some of the scariest villains yet. They can erase people from existence, which is a pretty terrifying power. However, there have been plenty of other frightening foes who have rolled through Scott’s town. Let’s look back at some of the best baddies before the final season premiere. 

The Mute — This is one villain who didn’t stick around for long on the MTV drama. The mouth-less assassin (Joseph Gatt) was hired by the Benefactor in Season 4, and Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) quickly killed him. However, a man without a mouth who uses a tomahawk to chop up his victims is just creepy.

Deucalion and the Alpha Pack — It was fun to see the pack actually in school with their villains. They had to subtly fight during the day, but the real fighting at night was intense. With all Alphas, there was no guarantee about who was more powerful.

Gerard Argent — He’s supposed to be a good guy as a hunter, but Gerard (Michael Hogan) has some very questionable morals. He manipulated Alison (Crystal Reed) and others throughout the series. Even in Season 5, he tried to shoot Chris Argent (J.R. Bourne) after helping him defeat the Beast of Gévaudan.

Nogitsune — Anything that can turn Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) into a villain is terrifying.

Theo — Unlike many of the others, Theo (Cody Christian) isn’t fearsome because of his powers. It’s his manipulation skills that are to be feared. The chimera managed to tear the pack apart last year. He even created a divide between Stiles and Scott (Tyler Posey). He’ll be back in Season 6, but the pack knows to watch out for his evil influence now.

The Dread Doctors — Not only were they working to bring back the Beast, but they messed with people’s minds. They could erase memories, and pack members wouldn’t even know that they had been poked and prodded by the Dread Doctors.

Peter Hale — Our favorite villain is one that the writers enjoy too. Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) just keeps coming back, and we kind of love it. He’s manipulative and always keeps the surprises coming. Is he good or is he evil? You never know which side Peter is on. He’ll be back again in Season 6, but this time, he’ll be a victim of the Ghost Riders.

Will the Ghost Riders live up to the worst villains in “Teen Wolf” history? It’s safe to say they probably will. For its final season, the drama’s writers will be doing their best to give Scott and the pack their toughest foe yet.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 premieres Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.