“Boardwalk Empire” is coming to an end this fall, along with Prohibition (in the show), the backdrop for the HBO crime drama. The period drama returned Sunday with the Season 5 premiere, “Golden Days for Boys & Girls,” and saw Nucky Thompson in Cuba where he is trying to leave the criminal life behind and go legitimate before the bootlegging market dries up. However, the synopsis and promo trailer for Episode 2, “The Good Listener,” suggest leaving crime behind might not be all that easy for Nucky.

The new season premiere saw every character on “Boardwalk Empire” in a much different state of affairs than where fans left them after a seven-year time jump. Picking up in 1931, Nucky is in Cuba trying to make deal with Bacardi Rum while reminiscing about his poor childhood and early relationship with the Commodore. Meanwhile, Margaret was back in the one of the premiere's most shocking moments when her boss shoots himself in front of her office, leaving her to hide the evidence of her insider trading with Rothstein, who has apparently been dead since 1928. Chalky, on the other hand, is on a chain gang for reasons fans do not yet know.

The synopsis and promo for Episode 2 reveal that Nucky will have a hard time leaving his sordid past behind. The promo shows Nucky struggling to convince Bacardi he can be a legitimate partner while his rivals are gearing up to come after him. Plus, the synopsis promises a rendezvous with Johnny Torrio, proving Nucky isn’t quite done with his gangster pals. Meanwhile, in “The Good Listener,” Nucky’s brother isn’t having an easy time either as Eli and Van Alden must recoup money lost during a federal raid.

Watch the Episode 2 promo below:

There are only 7 episodes left for “Boardwalk Empire” and it is going to be a long road for Nucky if hopes to leave his bootlegging days behind him. Will he be able to or will the character meet a tragic end in the final season? Fans will have to tune in next week to find out.

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