Bobbi Kristina Brown gave her first interview since her mother's death to Oprah Winfrey, but, while some Twitter fans said that Whitney Houston's daughter handled herself with grace and ease, others believe the hard questions weren't asked.

Bobbi Kris spoke to Oprah on Sunday about how she was holding up after her mother was found dead in a hotel suite on Feb. 11. The 19-year-old told Oprah that she is doing as well as she possibly can at this time.

I am getting through it, you know, Bobbi Kristina said. Just trying to keep going.

Bobbi Kristina also told the talk-show host that she finds it hard to listen to her mother's music at this time.

I can sing her music, but to hear it right now, I can't, she said. I can hear her voice in spirit talking to me and telling me, 'Keep moving baby. I'm right here. I got you.' She is always with me. I can always feel her with me.

Oprah's interview with Bobbi Kristina brought 3.5 million viewers to the OWN network. It is said to be the largest viewership for the struggling network.

The touching interview drew considerable reaction from fans on Twitter, who felt that Houston's daughter showed much strength while talking about such a tough subject.

Wow, Bobbi Kris is so mature...amazing the strength she has this soon after losing her mother...inspirational, tweeted Sharontina Brightman.

Bobbi Kris is speaking very well, wrote Anaysha Figueroa. I am wholeheartedly praying for her.

Twitter user Lauren Paige Woulard wrote that Bobbi Kris is handling this interview with grace and ease. She has amazing strength to do this b/c I would've been a complete wreck.

But while Oprah kept focus on finding out Bobbi Kristina is coping with her mother's death, there are some on Twitter who believe the host had an opportunity to discuss in details what else is going on in the teenager's life.

Some felt that Oprah should have asked Bobbi Kristina the tough questions about the reports that she is battling drug use, a problem that plagued her parents for years.

I wanted to know if Bobbi Kris had her own issues with drugs and how did she feel about the treatment of Bobby Brown at the funeral, radio host Charlamagne Tha God tweeted.

Every question I wanted Oprah to ask Bobbi Kris she asked Gary and Pat which at this time seems more appropriate by the way..... he also tweeted.

There have been several reports that Bobbi Kristina has a drug problem.

Last month, The Daily Beast reported that sources close to the Houston family said that Bobbi Kristina disappeared for several hours after her mother's funeral at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J., and was found doing drugs.

The sources added that there was panic about Bobbi Kristina's whereabouts when Houston was being transported to the cemetery for her mother's burial.

Everyone was freaking out and calling Bobbi Kristina's cell, the source, who is reportedly a long-time family-friend, told The Daily Beast. It was so much commotion and activity after the funeral that Bobbi Kristina just slipped away. Ms. Cissy [Houston, Whitney's mother] was beside herself.

A spokesperson for the Houston family did tell The Daily Beast that there was in fact, some confusion about Bobbi Kristina's whereabouts last night for a short time, but she's OK.

The spokesperson said the teen needed some time alone and added that Bobbi Kristina isn't on drugs and is emotionally fragile at this time.

She is going through a very hard time, as you can expect.

Houston's godmother Darlene Love has told Access Hollywood that Bobbi Kristina didn't disappear after her mother's funeral and that's she was with the family all the time.

Not True. Not true. She was with us, Love said. She was with the family the whole time.

Bobbi Kristina was very close to her mom and has described her as her best friend. Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized for stress and anxiety the day after her mother died.

The Improper wrote on March 12 that Bobbi Kristina's interview on Oprah was an opportunity lost to ask the tough questions.

Bobbi Kristina sat down with Oprah Winfrey for her much heralded interview, but the talk show queen avoided hard questions about drugs and mom Whitney Houston's lifestyle in the days leading up to hear [sic] death. It was a lost opportunity, The Improper wrote. With countless fans still trying to figure out how one of the leading voices of a generation died suddenly, Oprah focused on Bobbi's feelings about her mother's death and how's she coping. Oprah was giddy at times.

The website claimed that Oprah's interview with Bobbi Kristina was far different from the 2009 interview with Houston where she was open with the singer, asking tough questions about her marriage to singer Bobby Brown and about her drug use.

What are your thoughts on Oprah's interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown? Do you think Oprah should have asked the teen about reported drug use? Or do you think it was not the appropriate time to do so? Let us know what you think about the different reactions to Oprah's interview in the comment box below.