So we had Brad Pitt on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this time, giving us the slice of the Angelina-Pitt household. The show that aired Thursday got actor Brad Pitt talking about the couple's intention of not marrying each other till the right to get married becomes legal for each and everyone in America.

When DeGeneres asked about how they coped with the energetic kids, a proud Pitt explained it with the help of a movie scene.

Yeah, did you ever see the movie [One Flew Over] the Cuckoo's Nest? That's morning time in our house, he told DeGeneres, according E! Online.

About the couple's decision to stay unmarried till it is legalized for everyone in America, Pitt further said, We live in this great country that is about freedoms, that's defined by our freedoms and equality, and yet, we allow this discrimination to go on every day. That's not what we're about, that's not what makes us great. And until that is reversed, I just don't get it. It makes no sense to me, said the report.

When we talk about kids and how Pitt is around them, we can't miss what the 13-year-old Moneyball co-star, Kerris Dorsey had to say.

I can tell he's a really good dad because he was so great with me, Dorsey told Access Hollywood at the baseball movie's premiere in Oakland, Calif., Monday night.

And so much fun. He made it really fun to come to work.

She also assured Access Hollywood that he sure is a proud dad and that he talks about them a lot. She said she knows a little about them and He kind of became like my dad a little bit, it was fun, she added.

Dorsey has worked with a slew of Hollywood's biggest names with credits that include Walk the Line and five seasons of Brothers & Sisters, but she admitted to feeling a bit nervous at first when it came to acting with her big screen dad.

Moneyball will hit the theaters on Sept. 23.