With only five team remaining the competition heated up on Wednesday’s “The Challenge: Rivals 3.” Find out which pair went home in episode 12 of the MTV series.

Jenna + Zach 4Eva?

The episode opens with Jenna opening up about her relationship with “Challenge” veteran Zach. (Find out about their present relationship status here.) 

After several weeks of not answering her calls, Jenna finally get through to her boyfriend only for him not to recognize her voice. When he finally picks up her call she asks if he knows who is on the other line and he answers “Brooke.” Another phone calls shows Jenna telling Zach she’s been e-mailing him and hasn’t received a response.  

“You’re pissing me off,” Zach says as Jenna tears up. 

Jenna goes on to ask Zach if he wants her to come home but he says he doesn’t. When Jenna asks if they’re good he says they are but calls their conversation “uncomfortable.”

Jenna says it’s hard to sleep and do challenges not knowing where she and Zach stand but says her mind is set on making it to the final. “I feel like I shouldn’t have even came,” Jenna cries to her co-star Sarah. 

Hiding Behind White Skulls

Meanwhile, Devin and Cheyenne only have the game on their minds. Devin tells his partner he thinks Dario and Nicole will lose the next challenge and end up in the jungle. Devin says he would like to nominate himself and beat them to prove they’re a strong team. Cheyenne says she’s onboard with his plan. 

The Challenge

Host T.J. Lavin announces the last challenge in Mexico is “Bridging the Gap.” T.J. tells the teams they must work together to complete an unfinished bridge using puzzle piece planks. But the only way to gain access to the planks if by wearing a get along shirt with their partners and completing various obstacle courses together. 

“Rivals 3” front-runners Johnny and Sarah take first-place and get a one-way ticket to the finals in Argentina. Vince and Jenna say they’re also safe because they’re aligned with the winning team, but Dario and Nicole are not so lucky. The last-place team finds themselves going into the jungle.

Winner Dinner

At the power team dinner Johnny tells Sarah he’s officially over their feud. He says he was contemplating their issues one night and Sarah came into his room and he found himself “happy” to see her. Sarah is elated by his revelation and says she’s glad to be there with Johnny. Sarah adds she wants them to win so she can pay him back for her controversial move in “Exes II.”


Unsurprisingly, Johnny and Sarah nominate Wes and Nany, pitting Nicole against her cousin. Devin and Cheyenne step up as the second team nominated. T.J. goes on to announce that Vince and Jenna are also going to Argentina since they were not nominated to go into the jungle. 

Despite her original plan with Devin, Cheyenne says she doesn’t want to put themselves up being so close to the finals. Devin says he still wants to beat Dario in the jungle to pay him back for backstabbing him

The Jungle

When it comes time to pick skulls, Cheyenne goes first and pulls a white one. Nany goes next and also picks a white skull, despite Johnny’s desire to see the cousins go at it. When its Devin’s turn to pick he follows Cheyenne’s plan and only pulls out one skull, a white one, and keeps his team safe ahead of the finals. Nicole says going against her cousin doesn’t sit right with her and no one knows how it feels to compete against family.

T.J. announces the two bottom teams will be playing “Tunnel Vision,” which has them racing through a tunnel in three heats as fast as they can and ringing a bell. T.J. warns them the challenge will get ugly because there is not a lot of room in the tunnels at says that at some point the competitors will collide. Nany says she doesn’t want to rough her cousin up but plans to  keep the prize money on her mind. 

Dario and Nicole get a lead during the first round. Johnny says Nicole is built “like a sewer rat” and can’t see how her team wouldn’t win. The team does just that and takes the first round. The second round goes the same way with Nicole and Dario getting a ticket to the finals. Nicole cries and says she feels “guilty” for the win at the cost of her cousin going home.

Wes says blood is more important than winning a game and Nany shouldn’t feel bad for not getting physical with her cousin during the challenge. Wes adds he’s going to miss Nany and has more respect for her now.

Did Jenna And Zach Break Up?

The four remaining teams, Vince and Jenna, Johnny and Sarah, Dario and Nicole and Devin and Cheyenne, arrive in Argentina.

Jenna reveals to her co-star she’s unsure if Zach broke up with her. Vince says Zach could have been more “understanding” but lets his partner know she did nothing wrong. He tells her to keep her head in the game. Jenna says she’s not going to check out and will deal with Zach when she gets home.

Big Threat

Cheyenne gets upset when Johnny calls her Chantel and threatens to throw things at him. Later on, at the club the guys call Cheyenne “Chevon” and she’s visibly annoyed. On the bus ride back, Cheyenne snaps and says Vince’s jokes seem to be always aimed at her. Devin stands up for his partner and tells Vince to leave her alone. Vince goes on to say certain people in the cast “don’t belong here” and Cheyenne begs Vince to let it go. 

Cheyenne goes on to tell the cameras that Vince and Johnny are used to the cool guys and doesn’t think they have ever been teased before. She also reveals she had a tough time fitting in growing up and therefore their taunts aren’t helping her cause. 

 “I’d rather just go home. I’ve had to deal with this my whole life,” Cheyenne cries. 

When Vince hears Cheyenne he calls her “Simone,” an eliminated cast member, and asks if she’s had enough camera time. “I want to go home!” Cheyenne yells before the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

“The Challenge: Rivals 3” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Which team do you think will go all the way in the finals? Sound off in the comments section below!