Club nights typically mean trouble for the cast of “The Challenge” and the outing in episode 10 of “Rivals 3” was no exception. One cast member revealed her lack of trust in her opponent, which, in turn, caused a big rift between several players. Relive all the drama from Wednesday’s installment of the MTV series below.

Alliances Questioned

Christina feels like she wants to go home and complains her partner Nate doesn’t understand her. She says she’s also upset he’s been spending a majority of his time with his love interest, Nicole.

Meanwhile, Nany reveals she and Wes made a deal with Cory. Nicole, who isn’t aware of Ashley and Cory’s secret alliance with Johnny and Vince, questions her cousin’s alliance, saying she thinks Cory is making side deals and is untrustworthy. Cory, oblivious to the drama brewing, says he’s feeling good about his two deals. Ashley, however, says she thinks her teammate is confused about what an alliance means and laughs off his attempt to align himself with everyone in the house.


Host T.J. Lavin shows up to the house and calls a meeting but immediately sends all of the women out of the room. “He just kidnaps the girls and they vanish like a fart in the wind,” Johnny explains. When the women don’t return the men speculate their teammates are getting massages and having pillow fights.


While the women are gone, the men continue to strategize about how to get Johnny and Vince out of the game ahead of the finals. Devin suggests they gang up on them in every challenge and continually send them into the jungle. Cory tells Devin the game is all about timing and advises him not to follow through with his plan just yet. Dario says it is too late and the decision has already been made.

Take It To The Grave

When next morning arrives, the women have yet to return. The men show up to the next challenge, Take It To The Grave, and learn they will have to dig out their partners, who have been buried alive underground.

T.J. reveals ahead of being buried, the women were asked a series of trivia questions about themselves, such as their weight, eye color to their biggest weaknesses. T.J. says their male partners must correctly answer said questions and the first to answer a given number correctly will be able to get their partners out.

Dario and Johnny are the first to get their questions correct. Despite being given the same amount of time to dig out their partners, Dario beats Johnny and he and Nicole are safe from elimination. Dario calls it a “huge” win. After Cory, Wes, Devin and Vince also save their respective partners, Nate continues to struggle with answering his questions. At one point, he tosses his clipboard on the ground and when he finally gets to Christina, he blames her for their lose.


Back at the house, Nicole struggles with deciding which teams she and Dario should nominate for the jungle. She informs Dario of Wes and Nany’s alliance with Cory and Ashley, but says she was asked to keep it a secret.

When Dario goes to talk to Wes about the nominations, Wes doesn’t confess to having an alliance with Cory. He tells Dario to stick to the plan and vote in Johnny or Vince.

During the winner dinner, Dario and Nicole call over Johnny and Sarah. There they drop the bombshell that Cory has an alliance with two different sides of the house. Johnny says the information nulls his alliance with Cory and he’s OK with him going home. Nicole say she recognizes Dario is trying to get them saved by Johnny and Sarah but worries aligning with them with hurt her cousin’s game.

When it comes time to talk to Cory and Ashley, Nicole asks Cory where his alliances rest. Cory says he favors Johnny and Vince. Still, he advises Dario to go with a power move and send in Johnny or Vince.

At nominations, Dario and Nicole decide to vote in Cory and Ashley and Devin and Cheyenne, despite having an alliance with the latter pair. When T.J. asks why they made their decisions, Dario reveals he was made aware of Cory’s agreement with Wes and Nany. Wes calls his nomination one of the “dumbest moves” but Dario says Wes is merely upset because things didn’t go his way.

Cousin Brawl

Nany and Nicole get into a yelling match after the nominations. Nany says she doesn’t expect anything from anyone anymore. With tears in her eyes, Nany tells the cameras she feels like her cousin doesn’t care about her.


Ahead of the elimination challenge Christina says that if Nate doesn’t apologize to her he shouldn’t expect them to compete well in the jungle together. Nicole advises Nate to communicate better with his partner and he sits down with her before heading to the jungle. Nate tells Christina he’s hopeful they can make it to the final and they will remain friends.

The episodes ends with the three teams arriving to the jungle. Viewers will have to tune in next week to find out if Christina and Nate will have to go up against Cory and Ashley or Devin and Cheyenne.

“The Challenge: Rivals 3” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.