Jenna Compono went into “The Challenge: Rivals 3” with a steady boyfriend back at home, but mid-filming learned he wasn’t being as faithful as she’d been led to believe. In episode 12 of the MTV series Jenna will  hear some heartbreaking news from her boyfriend and fellow “Challenge” champion Zach Nichols.

In a preview for “Raging Bullies” Jenna is shown calling Zach. When he doesn’t automatically realize it’s his doting girlfriend on the other line she questions if he knows who he’s speaking to and he answers “Brooke.” Jenna breaks down over her boyfriend’s betrayal, but what actually happened?

Ahead of the episode’s premiere on July 20 we have the scoop on their shocking split. Those that have been paying attention will remember Jenna first discussed her breakup with Zach’s during “The Challenge: Bloodlines” reunion, which aired in February. During the MTV special Jenna revealed Zach, who visited the cast during a “Bloodlines” cameo, ended their relationship after the phone call shown on “Rivals 3,” which taped just weeks after “Bloodlines” wrapped.

“Everything was great. I went to call him and said, ‘Hey, guess who?’ and he said, ‘Oh, Brooke,’” Jenna said, adding that that following that day Zach blocked her number. Jenna further confirmed the split to International Business Times backstage, saying that she decided to speak out about their breakup after numerous fans questioned their status on social media.

“Everyone was asking me on Twitter and tagging me in pictures. I don’t want to keep being reminded of it and that’s why I pretty much just told everyone,” she said. 

So, just who is Brooke? The woman in question is believed to be Brooke Wells, a CrossFit Games Athlete. While Zach’s Instagram feed was once flooded with photo of him and the Missouri native, those images are now long gone and recent rumors suggest they have may have ended things. 

While Jenna and Zach’s breakup will likely be a big part of episode 12, it won’t take up the entire hour. Wednesday’s installment will also see the remaining five teams work to earn a spot in the covered finals in Mendoza, Argentina. 

Fans can catch “The Challenge: Rivals 3” Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.