The game has officially begun! “The Challenge: Rivals 3” cast has hit the midway point for Season 28 and MTV celebrated by releasing a new trailer for the competition series. And while the episodes have already been riddled with drama, cast members say the worst is yet to come. 

One of this season’s more controversial stars, Camila Nakagawa, who was eliminated in episode 8 for a fight with her partner, shares the back half will involve much more drama, competition and some serious backstabbing. 

“I think the game kind of starts,” Camila told International Business Times at the DEWggro Crag event, sponsored by Mountain Dew and The Splat, in New York City June 16. “You kind of get rid of all the people who aren’t there for the right reasons and then you really get down to the people that are there to compete and if they’re there by then it means they’re doing something right and so then it starts to get nasty. It’s when people start backstabbing.”

Camila said anything can happen now that the game is quickly coming to an end, including possibly ending alliances. “If you’ve got to throw someone off, you’ve got to,” she dished. “It’s just going to start getting crazy!”

And backstabbing isn’t the only shocker viewers can expect — as teased in the midseason trailer above, there will also be a show-stopping twist introduced by host T.J. Lavin. 

“The second half of the season really is when the rubber meets the road. Leave it up to ‘The Challenge’ to always figure out some new, crazy, out there plot twist,” cast member Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio told IBT. “What happens at the end of this season is unlike anything that they’ve ever done. Hands down.”

In the premiere, Lavin revealed the winning team will share $275,000, the largest cash prize in the show’s history, but in the new promo, he announces the players will be able to decide if they keep the winnings for themselves or share it with their partners. “You either keep all the money or you split it,” Johnny explained. “Whether that’s a team or a pair or however it works out.”

Let the drama begin! “The Challenge: Rivals 3” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Who do you think will win this season? Sound off below!