“Are You the One?” alums have been fighting for survival on “The Challenge: Rivals 3” and their rivalry with the “Real World” veterans only increased in episode 7 of the MTV series. Wednesday’s installment of “The Challenge” saw one team win and have to make the difficult decision to save the allies who stabbed them in the back, or send them into the jungle.

Episode 6 Backlash

Fresh off their visit to the jungle in episode 6, Tony reveals he’s still angry with his teammate Camila. During a night out he confronts her, saying he believes she doesn’t have respect for him. Meanwhile, Cheyenne has issues with her own partner, Devin. After being brought back to the show following episode 2s dual elimination, Devin decides to antagonize the others.

Devin threatens Cory, Cheyenne’s flame, and says he will sent him into elimination the first chance he gets. He also gets in Wes’ face, but he doesn’t react to the threats. Jamie sticks up for the women in the house, specifically his teammate KellyAnne, and tells Devin not to threaten females. 

When Cheyenne tries to infer, Cory comes to her rescue and tries to confront Devin, but “Challenge” security steps in first. Cheyenne calls her teammate an “idiot” and says he’s making her look bad. “What you do reflect on me. It’s like a God damn relationship!” she says.

Back at the house, Tony makes it clear, once again, that he doesn’t like Camila. She reacts by calling him “pshyco” and tells him to fix his “alcohol problem.” Wes says Camila and Tony are too much alike and the combination is frightening.

Bad News

The next morning, Camila gets woken up by a producer who tells her to call her sister. On the phone, her sibling reveals their grandmother has died. Camila is heartbroken by the news and is consoled by her co-star Sarah. Camila says she can’t go to the funeral and would prefer to return to her family with the $350,000 grand prize, so she remains in the game. 

The Challenge

Host TJ Lavin reveals the teams will be playing Road to Nowhere. The game has the teams riding on a scooter off a 400-foot cliff. Before they fall, they’re tasked with grabbing as many flags as they can, each of which is worth a different point value. TJ says the winning team will be the one which can get the most points in the fastest time.

Wes and Nany go first and decide on a slow and steady strategy, but only score five points. Ashley and Cory and Vince and Jenna also earn the low point value. Sarah and Johnny are the first to get 15 points. Cheyenne, saying she wants to prove her worth, tails the veterans with Devin and also earns 15 points. Nate and Christina win big with 25 points after grabbing a red flag, but the other teams aren’t as lucky.

Dario tells Nicole they will go slow, but Nicole stops the scooter mid-challenge after complaining her teammate is traveling too fast. Despite their issues, they get 20 points. KellyAnne and Jamie also run into a problem when their scooter diverts from the path. They grab a few flags on their way down, but TJ tells them their points are invalid. Camila and Tony manage to do well, despite their differences, and earn 20 points. Tony says that on game day, they can put their issues aside. 

TJ says he’s proud of all the teams for giving the dangerous challenge a try. He announces that Nate and Christina are the winners. KellyAnne and Jamie’s scooter mishap earns them an immediate ticket to the jungle after failing to get any points. 

The Power Team

Back at the house, Christina and Nate deliberate over who to send into elimination. Christina considers putting in Camila and Tony after the team was found guilty of taking their token during the episode 6 challenge. When Camila speaks her peace, she blames the winning team for losing their token. Tony says it is clear they have enough reasons to send them into the jungle. However, he says if they go in and come back, he doesn’t want any grudges between them. 

After parting the dinner, Tony shares his true feelings, telling Camila he didn’t mean what he said to Christina and Nate and plans to make their lives “a living hell.” 

Despite Tony’s comments, Camila later goes to Christina and tells her both she and Tony have their backs. On camera, Christina says she’s aware Camila’s talk may be part of an act. 

Amanda and Nelson are also called over by Nate and Christina. Nelson says he will not send them in if he wins a challenge. He also advises them to make a big move by sending in stronger players and changing the game.


At nominations, Christina and Nate decide to go against their fellow “AYTO?” alums and send in Amanda and Nelson. The team announces Devin and Cheyenne will also be going into the jungle.

Amanda doesn’t go quietly. She makes it clear to Christina that she shouldn’t trust Camila because without TJ’s intervention in episode 6, they might have already gone home. 

The Jungle

Amanda is the first to pick a skull and TJ reminds her if she draws a black one, she’s immediately competing in the elimination. Of course, that’s exactly what happens. It’s revealed she and Nelson will be facing off against KellyAnne and Jamie and Cheyenne and Devin are safe for another week.

TJ announces the bottom teams will be playing Chill Out. They must sit in an ice bath for one minute and will then have two minutes to solve a puzzle made of wooden planks and discs. The first team to stack the puzzle to the designed height in the given amount of time, wins. If not, the teams must repeat the ice bath process until a winner is crowned.

Nelson and Amanda discuss strategy right off the bat, while KellyAnne and Jamie come up with strategy of their own, peeing in the tub to keep warm. After a third round in the tub, the teams realize they need to flip the discs on their sides to get height. Both teams appear to be neck-and-neck, but when Nelson and Amanda step away from their puzzle, it crashes to the ground, and Jamie and KellyAnne win. 

Jamie says the jungle win is a turning point for him and his teammate. Nelson and Amanda says that despite being eliminated they’ve found a silver lining as they’re no longer rivals.

“The Challenge: Rivals 3” airs Wednesdays 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Check out the trailer for the remaining episodes of Season 28 below!