Things are about to get interesting. Episode 6 of MTV’s “The Challenge: Rivals 3” will introduce viewers to a new side of the cast. A sneak peek of the next Season 28 installment reveals the contestants will strip down during a “Would you rather?” competition.

The clip opens with longtime rivals Johnny Bananas and Sarah arriving at a checkpoint where they're instructed to either eat an entire birthday cake or race to the next leg of the challenge in their birthday suits. Sarah is the first to suggest they go with the latter, and Johnny agrees. Sarah, calling the event “the most embarrassing thing,” asks the cameras not show her running nude in slow motion, but of course, that’s exactly what MTV does.

“We’ve done a lot of weird s--- on challenges. This is the first time we’ve been required to strip down and finish a challenge naked,” Johnny says.

While it remains to be seen if some challengers will go for the cake-eating option, the rest of the clip contains nothing but nudity. Nicole and Dario are shown opting to strip down naked as well as Simone and Thomas, who worries about putting his “dad bod” on display.

Fresh off their big win in the jungle and host TJ Lavin telling them they “earned” their spots in the house in episode 5, newcomers Amanda and Nelson show they’re in it to win it and also flaunt their birthday suits. The trailer for episode 6 reveals contestants Ashley, KellyAnne, Jamie, Nany and Wes will also be stripping down.

The episode, appropriately titled “The Naked Truth,” will contain more than a whole lot of nakedness. TV Guide’s synopsis reveals the installment will also seen one team possibly “pay a high price as a result of cheating by one of its members.” MTV’s synopsis is a little more specific, sharing that during a “rigorous challenge” one cast member’s “cheating ways could cost a team their fate in the game.” While the network is remaining tip-lipped about who may have cheated, Thomas and Johnny are shown getting into a heated argument in the preview.

Catch episode 6 of “The Challenge: Rivals 3” Wednesday, June 8, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.