Rivals 3 cast
One “Challenge” cast member gets bad news in episode 7 of “Rivals 3.” MTV

Camila’s drama on “The Challenge: Rivals 3” is far from over. Despite being saved from elimination in episode 6 of the MTV competition series, she has more bad luck coming her way, a sneak peek of next week’s Season 28 installment reveals.

A clip from episode 7, “Camilanator: Salvation,” shows Camila being woken up by a producer who informs her she must call her sister Larissa right away. When Camila makes the phone call, she quickly discovers her sister is fine, but their grandmother has died.

“I need you to just be calm,” Larissa, who previously competed on “Bloodlines,” tells her sister. “Grandma passed away yesterday.” Camila breaks down into tears as she asks for details. “I’m so sorry,” Camila says on the phone as her competitors Devin and Sarah listen nearby, visibly concerned.

When Camila says she doesn’t know what to do, Sarah jumps to her side to console her. “Tell me what to do. I don’t know,” Camila cries as Sarah hugs her.

Camila’s grandmother’s death comes on the heels of a rough week for the “Challenge” veteran on “Rivals 3.” In episode 6, she found herself being sent into the jungle after host T.J. Lavin accused her of cheating. Video from the weekly challenge showed Camila finding a token from Christina and Nate’s team and pocketing it before later throwing it on the floor. The move resulted in Christina and Nate being unable to finish the challenge and giving them a one-way ticket to the jungle. However, at elimination, T.J. pointed out his findings and sent Camila and her partner Tony to the jungle in their place. Camila called the incident an accident, but it didn’t help their cause.

At the nomination, winners Johnny Bananas and Sarah revealed that the team would be going up against either Simone and Thomas or Wes and Nany, thanks to this season’s twist. However, at elimination Thomas announced he and Simone were leaving due to a medical emergency back home. Another twist of fate — Nany and Wes pulling out white skulls as opposed to black ones — made both teams safe, but will Camila’s loss result in her choosing to leave the game?

MTV’s synopsis for Wednesday’s episode says “an unexpected call from home shatters one challenger’s chances in the game,” but doesn’t reveal if said challenger will depart the series. If Camila’s on-camera interview in the sneak peek is any indication, her grandmother taught her to be tough, which may lead her to stay.

“I definitely get my toughness from my grandma,” Camila tells the cameras. “She’s very independent, always funny, always sarcastic. It’s not going to be the same anymore without her.”

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