It's been two days since Charlie Sheen appeared on "Today," shocking the world by revealing that he is, in fact, HIV-positive. Since the news broke, several women linked to the notorious playboy actor have come forward to claim that he kept his medical status a secret from them. They are now said to be considering legal action and seeking America's best-known feminist lawyer to make their case.

According to TMZ, attorney Gloria Allred has arranged meetings with numerous women making claims against Sheen, 50. She told the gossip site she was contacted by an undisclosed number of women seeking information about "their rights." She could not comment on her plans moving forward.

For his part, Sheen has admitted to having unprotected sex after being diagnosed with HIV, but said he never endangered anyone. He said his two ex-wives were made aware of his status and neither they, nor his children, have the virus. Still, ex-girlfriends, like ex-porn actress Bree Olson, and other former lovers charge they were completely unaware that he had the potentially deadly disease. Olson said she didn't know Sheen was HIV-positive until just three days before his announcement. 

Allred's legal career spans decades, but she recently gained more fame when chosen to represent some of the more than 50 women accusing actor Bill Cosby of rape. On Sept. 30, she held a press conference introducing three women charging that they had been sexually abused at the hands of the former "Cosby Show" star.

Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer, Colleen Hughes and Eden Tirl detailed their encounters with Cosby, now 78. Whitedeer said she was approached by Cosby while working as an American Airlines flight attendant. She agreed to go back to his room, where she said she was drugged and raped. Hughes shared a similar experience, saying he forced her to perform oral sex on him in the director's office on a movie set they were working on together. Tirl was the only one of the three women who said she wasn't raped by Cosby. Instead, she said he made inappropriate comments and sexual advances toward her, all of which she shot down.