Rumors began to swirl on Wednesday that Clint Eastwood was Mitt Romney's mystery speaker. The actor has publicly stated that he backs Mitt Romney and the well-respected actor could help the presidential hopeful could probably help Romney some votes if he were to actually speak at the Republican National Convention tonight.

But the Huffington Post notes that if the 82-year-old Hollywood actor did speak at the convention it might cause mixed reviews from people within the conservative crowd.

However, it has yet to be confirmed because "it wouldn't be a mystery anymore," Romney's strategist Russ Schriefer allegedly said.

Twitter users speculated that Eastwood won't actually be appearing at the convention tonight, but that they would find it funny if conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh was the mystery guest. Some even admitted they would like to see celebrated porn-star and business woman, Jenna Jameson, speak on Romney's behalf.

"People think Clint Eastwood is Romney's surprise guest tonight. I'm hoping its Jenna Jameson," Shugah tweeted.

"If Clint Eastwood *isn't* the Mystery Guest, anyone else will be a crushing disappointment," ebertchicago wrote.

"I realize it will be Clint Eastwood (I think), but I'd love it to be @RushLimbaugh," EWErickson hoped.

Dirty Harry is allegedly going to be speaking in Tampa right before Romney takes the stage on Thursday evening.

Townhall reported that a "well-placed Republican source" said the award winning actor and director was going to be speaking.

Rumors swirled in February when Eastwood appeared in a controversial Super Bowl ad that made him a target by some conservatives like Karl Rove, but Eastwood appeared on Billy O'Reily's show to dispel rumors that he was affiliated with President Obama's campaign.

Do you think Clint Eastwood, Jenna Jameson or Rush Limbaugh will be the guest speaker at the convention tonight?