Abby Lee Miller announced she was turning over a new leaf in Tuesday’s “Dance Moms” midseason premiere, but that didn’t stop the moms from accusing her of having a new favorite. Season 6, episode 19 of the Lifetime series saw Brynn Rumfallo fall victim to some serious momma drama. 

Brynn, who has long been pegged as the show’s next big star, was gifted a contemporary duet with guest male performer Yaidel Figuero in “Abby’s New Beginning.” Unlike Kendall Vertes, who was also given a male duet, Brynn, 12, made it clear from the beginning she was nervous about doing a male-female number, especially one that contained a story involving a stalker.

When she failed to perform during rehearsals for “Scary Sweetheart” one day before the competition, and Abby accused her or not wanting to do the number, Brynn broke down in the studio bathroom and admitted she felt “awkward” doing the piece. Abby’s decision to comfort her upset the other dance moms who had seen their daughters previously lose numbers due to similar behavior.

“Get every opportunity handed to you and then cry about it,” Jessalynn Siwa complained of her daughter JoJo’s teammate’s behavior. When Jessalynn noticed Brynn was not practicing the group dance with the others in favor of crying, she confronted Abby and the mother-daughter duo. 

“She’s beautiful and wonderful and skinny and I like her!” Abby explained to Jessalynn as to why she was letting Brynn get away with crying. 

The drama continued at the competition in San Jose, California, when Brynn’s partner refused to go onstage. While Brynn admitted to being nervous to perform after Kendall, it was Yaidel who told  his mother Mariel backstage that he did not want to compete. However, when his mother reported back to Abby, she blamed Brynn on not wanting to perform. The other dance moms immediately believed Yaidel’s mother, but the ALDC girls stuck up for Brynn.

“That never happened. That’s ridiculous,” Brynn said after learning the news, calling the new mom’s accusation “lies.” 

When Abby came backstage, it was revealed that Brynn was always ready and willing to dance. “She never said that she didn’t want to dance. That never happened,” dancer Nia Frazier told Abby. Abby went on to tell Yaidel he was going to dance and advised Brynn to get herself together.

Onstage, Brynn slipped during the number, but he two managed to finish their performance. At awards they did not pull out a big win. Brynn and Yadiel came in fourth overall while Kendall placed third. The group as a whole, dancing to “The Saints,” was much more successful, pulling out a first-place overall award. 

After awards Brynn maintained her innocence in the dressing room, explaining the rumors she did not want to perform was merely miscommunication, but Jessalynn accused her of continually being dishonest. “I love the conspiracy. I love it,” she commented, slamming Abby for not believing Yaidel’s mother before removing JoJo from the situation.

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.