The Vertes family will be the center of attention during Tuesday’s “Dance Moms” Season 6 installment. The mother-daughter duo’s position on the team will be at risk in episode 3, according to Lifetime’s synopsis for “Mini Dancers, Big Drama.”

Kendall, who considered quitting Abby Lee Miller’s ALDC elite junior team in the “Dance Moms” premiere, will find herself possibly on the outs, according to TV Guide’s summary. “Kendall’s position on the Junior Competition team is threatened,” the preview reveals. While the network isn’t revealing why the 13-year-old dancer’s spot is at risk, Abby’s comments in the teaser hint it might be about her last competition performance.

“Kendall couldn’t take anybody to the dark side,” Abby complains in the teaser. Viewers will remember Kendall placed third with her solo in episode 2

Kendall’s mother's actions in episode 3 may also play a role with her future on the team. The synopsis reveals Jill “goes after” ALDC newcomer Brynn Rumfallo and her mom, Ashlee. Jill’s issue with Brynn was first revealed in the “Dance Moms” Season 6 trailer. “Are you kidding me? You never trained that kid!” Jill yells at Abby as she points to Brynn. “You never taught her a God damn thing!”

If that wasn’t enough drama, Abby will be introducing a new crop of dancers in episode 3. Her longtime students and dance moms will come face-to-face with the coach’s mini team. Despite her interest in training younger performers in the premiere, adding a second team may be more work than she realized. “Abby stresses over the new dancers,” the synopsis reveals, adding that her ongoing legal troubles will also be a burden.

Watch the promo for "Mini Dancers, Big Drama" below:

[Warning: Competition Results Below]

Despite Kendall’s position on Abby’s team being threatened, she still competed at episode 3’s competition. One “Dance Moms” spoiler site reveals that Kendall not only danced in the group routine “Straight Outta Pittsburgh,” but she also had a jazz solo, “All Eyes on Me.” 

Results from Devotion 2 Dancer’s competition in Santa Ana, California, Oct. 24 show that Abby’s group dance placed first in the teen division. Kendall also took home first-place for her solo.

“Dance Moms” Season 6, episode 3, “Mini Dancers, Big Drama,” premieres Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.