Mackenzie Ziegler, pictured dancing in a promo shot for "Dance Moms" Season 5, was at odd with her coach in Season 6, episode 2. Lifetime

Abby Lee Miller’s legal woes meant bad news for one of her elite junior dancers in Tuesday’s Season 6 installment of “Dance Moms." The ALDC coach appeared to take out her frustrations over her bankruptcy fraud indictment on one of her longtime dancers, Mackenzie Ziegler, in episode 2 of the Lifetime series.

“Abby vs. Melissa” kicks off the drama by Abby, who arrives late for the weekly team meeting, placing Mackenzie on the bottom row of her infamous pyramid. She says Mackenzie's “feet, lines and posture” failed to impress her during the premiere episode competition. Even after Mackenzie’s mom, Melissa Gisoni, sticks up for her 11-year-old daughter, Abby’s taunts continue during the team's practice.

While rehearing their group number, Abby points out that Mackenzie is behind her teammates in the routine. Abby goes on to call Mackenzie a “ding dong” when she sees her laying on the ground while getting critiqued. The insults continue when Abby begins teaching Mackenzie her solo routine, “I Just Want to Stay On the Couch and Eat Chips,” which was inspired by her infamous Season 1 line, “I just want to stay home and eat chips.” When Abby asks Mackenzie to recite the title of her dance, Abby claims she’s incorrect.

“I was just thought it would be like my interview,” Mackenzie says.

“She can’t even remember the name of the dance,” Abby complains to her other students.

“That little smart a— is trying to tell me that that’s not the quote that she said. That we’re wrong,” Abby says after sending a tearful Mackenzie out of the room.

When Melissa confronts Abby about her language, Abby claims Mackenzie had an attitude.

Later on, when Abby begins coaching Mackenzie on her acrobatic skills, Melissa cries over the coach's treatment of her daughter. “I’m not making accuse for her,” Melissa says. “I just want you to care about you like you used to Abby.” Abby responds by saying she simply wants more out of her student and is giving her technical critiques.

At the competition, the judges note that Mackenzie’s ankles are “a little soft” and award her fourth-place in the junior solo division. She is beat out by her teammate and fellow junior soloist Kendall Vertes, who places third.

After awards, Abby says she’s disappointed in her soloists’ performances and the team’s failure to walk away with a first-place win for their group dance. Mackenzie tells Abby she feels her solo, which had her wearing pajamas and pigtails, was too immature for her age.

“I think this dance was too young for me. That’s what I think," she says.

“Well, that’s why we gave it to you. Because it's easy,” Abby explains. “I’m not going to give you a lyrical routine and tell you to straighten your legs and point your feet anymore because it taking too much out of us to do that.”

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