"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller poses with her five, new mini dancers in a Season 6 promo shot. Lifetime

Abby Lee Miller’s elite junior team better watch out. During Tuesday’s installment of “Dance Moms,” the dance coach revealed she'll be introducing a team of "mini" (age 10 and under) dancers to her ALDC competition squad. Before Lifetime premieres episode 3, "Mini Dancers, Big Drama," Jan. 19, we fill you in on the newest, and youngest, “Dance Moms” Season 6 stars.

Peyton Evans

Peyton is a 6-year-old dancer and tumbler. According to her profile on Instagram, which is run by mom Kerri, she also aspires to be an actress and singer. Kerri also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to Peyton’s performances. When she’s not dancing, it appears, Peyton is a huge fan of American Girl dolls. While viewers have yet to meet the young reality star, she’s already close with the veteran "Dance Moms" cast members. She considers Mackenzie Ziegler, 11, her “mentor,” and Kalani Hilliker, 15, a “role model.”

Watch one of Peyton's jazz solos from 2015 below:

Alexus Oladi

Alexus, 8, hails from Creative Arts Academy in Bountiful, Utah. The four-time title winner, who sometimes goes by the nickname Giggles, will star on “Dance Moms” alongside her mother Tiffanie. The blond dancer is also trained in gymnastics. She frequently posts Instagram updates and YouTube videos of her competition dances. Alexus told Rising Talent magazine last month that her goal is to become a dance teacher.

“I hope I can be as good of a teacher as the teachers that I currently have,” she said.

Watch Alexus' November 2015 performance of "Sassy" below:

Alysa Owen

Alysa is a 9-year-old dancer and model from Innovation Dance Company. The dancer is not only dedicated to her craft, she's also big on school and frequently posts on Instagram about her class projects. While she is a member of Abby’s mini team, she still works with her original team. She even attended the company’s 2015 ugly sweater holiday party. Like Peyton, she has a YouTube channel dedicated to displaying her craft. Her mother’s name is Mary.

Watch Alysa's 2014-15 lyrical solo below:

Mia Ciociano

Little is known about this new ALDC dancer. Mia, who originally studied at Oceanside Dance Center in Oceanside, New York, states in her Instagram profile: “Dance is my passion and my life.” She also believes in starting each day “with a smile.” She frequently posts short clips showing off her dancing skills online. Her mom is Annmarie.

Watch Mia's 2015 lyrical solo below:

Areana Lopez

Areana, or “Ari,” is a 10-year-old powerhouse formerly of Just Plain Dancin’ and Dolce Dance Studio, both in California. She’s extremely active on social media, running Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts. In a 2014 interview with Rising Talent magazine, she revealed her favorite forms of dance are lyrical and ballet. Her mom's name is Sari.

Watch Areana's lyrical solo from 2014 below:

"Dance Moms" fans will meet Abby's team of mini dancers in Season 6, episode 3, which airs Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.