“Dance Moms” viewers might be seeing a lot less of JoJo Siwa in upcoming episodes. Lifetime’s synopsis for next week’s Season 6B installment, “JoJo Is A No Show,” reveals it will include “the most dramatic turn of the season.”

Following rumors JoJo has quit the ALDC elite team, coupled with her lack of participation at Season 7 competitions, it’s safe to assume the surprise turn of events could be the beginning of JoJo and her mother Jessalynn Siwa’s departure from the show. 

Episode 29 will see Abby Lee Miller assign her elites a suicide prevention number. After the solos failed to deliver in last week’s installment, she’ll also go back to duets, giving JoJo a rare ballet number with Kendall Vertes to go directly up against Nia Sioux and Brynn Rumfallo’s contemporary routine. The synopsis describes the ballet duet as being “difficult” and teasing it “tests JoJo beyond her limits.”

A sneak peek for Tuesday’s installment shows JoJo reacting negatively to her assignment. “I’m literally freaking out,” she says. “I’m not really like the ballet-technique type. My legs and feet, they’re good, but they’re not perfect. Jazz is really my thing. I have to just work really hard on my technique. I really have to nail it.”

The promo offers a little more info. “I can just tell JoJo doesn’t really like this dance,” Kendall says in the as JoJo is shown looking upset. Jessalynn goes on to tell Abby that her daughter will not be competing the duet. A later scene shows Abby asking where “the class clown” (aka JoJo) is, and the moms informing her JoJo didn’t like the duet idea.

While viewers will have to wait until Lifetime airs episode 29 on Oct. 18 to find out what drama transpires, JoJo did not compete with the elites onstage at Fierce National Dance Competition in May. Abby’s photo from the event confirms her absence from the group number, “Hotline.” Meanwhile, Kendall competed her duet with Kalani Hilliker instead.

JoJo and Jessalyn have yet to officially confirm their departure from the show, but the clues are there. Following episode 29, JoJo did not compete with the ALDC for the rest of the Season 6B competition season. She was most recently absent during the cast’s Season 7 appearance in Agoura Hills, California, on Oct. 8. 

Catch the next “Dance Moms” Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.