The Franklin County Sheriff department has confirmed that several people were killed and many more were injured and have gone missing after a possible tornado hit the community of Denning in Franklin County early Wednesday morning.

Officials have confirmed three deaths in the Franklin County but are not sure about the number of how many people are missing. State emergency management officials confirmed the death of one person in Johnson County.

Shortly after the storm, the National Weather Service office in Tulsa released a statement that Denning has been destroyed.

Franklin County's emergency services deputy coordinator Rick Covert said that several people were hurt after severe weather blasted the area. The extent of their injuries is not known.

The storms tore through the Etna and Oak Bend areas as well. Homes and buildings were heavily damaged and power lines were knocked down. According to a local pilot, the possible tornado did hit the airstrip in Etna, damaging several houses north of the runway.

The following schools will remain closed Wednesday, May 25 due to the storms: Clarksville Public School and Scranton Public School.