New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is vowing to crush Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban in a kickboxing throwdown should the Mavs land Nets point guard Deron Williams in free agency this summer.

Williams will be on the most highly coveted free agents and Dallas is expected to be the Nets' main competition for his services. Williams is from the Dallas area. exclusively reported on the lighthearted Prokhorov-Cuban showdown.

Let the best man win, Prokhorov, who is campaigning to be president of his native Russia, told the website. If [Cuban] wins, I will crush him in a kickboxing throwdown.

At 6-foot-8, Prokhorov is the tallest NBA owner and the first person outside of North America to own an NBA franchise.

Cuban said not so fast, referencing his Monday Night Raw guest appearance from 2009 where he defeated WWE superstar Sheamus.

He obviously didn't see me be the first in WWE history to put Sheamus on the mat, Cuban said, referring to Prokhorov. He knows not what he gets himself into.

Prokhorov and Cuban are two of the most colorful owners in the NBA.

Prokhorov has rapped on Russian television while the outspoken Cuban once called out the NBA's office of officiating, saying he wouldn't trust it to run a Dairy Queen. The comment led to a hefty $500,000 fine from the league -- the largest fine doled out by the NBA.

Cuban then took up Dairy Queen's offer to run a Dairy Queen for the day in 2002 and matched the league's $500,000 with his own $500,000 contribution to charities.