Developer Bungie’s main objective in the new “Destiny” expansion, "The Taken King," is mainly on dealing with fan feedback. Bungie has heard the complaints and is looking at how the problems can be solved.

In the weekly Bungie update, creative director Luke Smith discussed a previous exclusive interview with Eurogamer that earned the ire of many fans, who called him insensitive to their needs regarding the game. He had shared details on how fans will need to get the base game to get the expansion and other freebies.

“My words made it sound as if Bungie doesn’t care about their most loyal fans,” said Smith in the blog post. He was referring to how the expansion’s freebies will only be accessible via the collector’s edition, which also includes the base game.

For now, the developers are working on a $20 upgrade bundle that will cover the digital content from the collector’s edition. This upgrade bundle also will be available for the "Legendary Edition" of “Destiny: The Taken King,” while those with the digital collector’s edition and the complete base game and two previous expansion packs will need to wait for further information.

One positive announcement for those who have been playing “Destiny” since the start — Bungie has prepared VIP rewards. Those who already have a "Light Level 30 Guardian" or have already played the game along with the two previous expansions will receive exclusive items yet to be revealed. These will be permanently exclusive items.

Other information about "The Taken King" will not come on Bungie Day, the developer’s self-proclaimed holiday July 7. Gamerant spotted the Twitter announcement from community manager Eric Osborne, who said Bungie Day was never intended to be a reveal day.

The developer did promise that there is a second reveal for "The Taken King," and this will likely come in this week’s update. Bungie has yet to reveal the details of some multiplayer modes. With the time window between now and the release date of the latest expansion for “Destiny,” gamers can expect more information in the coming weeks.

"The Taken King" will be released on Sept. 15 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Bungie already has announced the exclusive content for those playing “Destiny” on the PS4 and PS3.

The Taken King expansion for "Destiny" (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)