The Division Update 1.1
"The Division" Incursion update arrives early Tuesday morning. Ubisoft

Fans will soon have a chance to experience the first downloadable content for "Tom Clancy's The Division" early Tuesday morning. "The Division" Update 1.1 includes the first incursion, a new Gear Points system, trading and Dark Zone supply drops. Servers will go down for maintenance at 3 a.m. EDT (12 a.m. PDT) to deploy the patch, Ubisoft said Monday.

The servers will be down for three hours, according to Ubisoft. While that means players won't be able to experience "The Division" for a few hours, many won't mind getting new content for the game. The patch size will be relatively small, between 4 to 4.7GB, considering it will include a new mission and other features.

The big addition to "The Division" with Update 1.1 is the Falcon Lost incursion, a new mission set in the Stuyvesant area. "In Falcon Lost, the boss is protected by an army of powerful Last Man Battalion soldiers and deadly military assets," "The Division" game director Petter Mannerfelt wrote in a blog post. The mission is geared toward high-level groups of four who will have to use smart strategy to take down the boss. The rewards for the effort and teamwork should please players, according to Mannerfelt. "There will be pieces of the new gear sets in the Incursion and Dark Zone that you can’t find anywhere else."

The endgame, the available content for a player whose character has reached the maximum level, was the main focus for the first "The Division" DLC. In addition to the Falcon Lost incursion, where a player has to have reached level 30, the update includes a new Gear Score system so players can continue to advance their character beyond the level 30 limit. The most difficult challenges in the game can be accessed by players with a high enough Gear Score. Gear Sets are another way to boost a character's ability beyond the level limit. Each set is tailored to a specific play style.

Trading between teammates is another new feature added in the update. A player can drop an item for their group members and players have a two-hour window to pick up the loot. Other features include daily and weekly assignments, a change in the crafting system and global Dark Zone supply drops.

It's been a month since the game has been released, which means there has been time for players to decide on their preferred style of play. The classic AK-47 has been the weapon of choice in killing over 17 billion enemies, according to Ubisoft. Players have also helped 250 million civilians during their time with "The Division."