Yesterday we reported that gamers took to Twitter to advocate against DRM in the upcoming PlayStation 4 next-gen gaming console. Several Sony employees responded by applauding the passion and energy of the PlayStation community, though they didn't offer any concrete answers regarding the polarizing issue.

Today, Sony employee Shahid Ahmad weighed in on DRM on his Twitter account.


Before you decide to jump out of the nearest window, check out what Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida had to say on the subject.


That's right, the DRM that Ahmad was referring to is "Death Ray Manta," an arcade-style game for the PS Vita.

Considering the furor and confusion surrounding the Xbox One's always-on issue, we felt that the prank was well-timed and good-natured. Now that high-placed Sony officials are using the phrase "DRM" to pull pranks on the gaming world, it's a good indication that DRM won't appear on the upcoming PS4, which is slated to be unveiled on June 10 at 9 p.m.

What do you think of this prank? How do you feel about DRM? What do you want Sony to announce when it reveals the PS4 at E3 on June 10? Sound off in the comments below.