PS4 could cost $349 at launch according to an investment firm.

A few Sony employees have responded to a Twitter-based anti-DRM campaign, "#PS4NoDRM," acknowledging gamers' concerns regarding the potential inclusion of DRM and always-on requirements in the upcoming PS4 next-generation gaming console. However, concrete answers to DRM-related concerns were nowhere to be found among the tweets of Sony employees who weighed in on the issue.

The #PS4NoDRM campaign was inspired by the confusion and disillusion surrounding the Xbox One and its always-on quandry. While the Xbox One was revealed by Microsoft last week, it's still currently unclear whether gamers will need to keep the console connected to the Internet regularly in order to use it, even to play single-player games. To this point, the gaming world is still waiting for clear answers from Microsoft on the issue.

After last week's Xbox One event, Microsoft executive Larry Hryb stated that the console would need to be connected to the Internet once a day. Since then, Hryb has seemingly backtracked, stating on his Twitter account that the Xbox One's "policy decisions are still being finalized." The mystery continues. Needless to say, we really hope that Sony will provide rock-solid answers on this and other issues when it reveals the PS4 during their E3 event on June 10 at 9 p.m. EST.

What do you think of DRM? Are you concerned that the PS4 will have an always-on requirement? What direction do you think Sony will go in on this issue? Sound off in the comments below.