For millions of people across the world, the Easter holiday has not ended. Christians from all parts of the globe celebrated Easter Monday with family vacations, festive parades and, of course, food.  

In Germany, pilgrims don traditional Bavarian clothes for the traditional Georgi horse riding procession on Easter Monday every year. Farmers bless their horses in the tradition dating back to the 16th century. In Norway, families traditionally spend the holiday weekend in the mountains skiing and playing board games. They return to their daily lives the day after Easter Monday.

In France, the southwestern city of Haux celebrates Easter Monday with an omelet contest. Chefs work together in the town's main square to fry up an omelet large enough to feed 1,000 people. The dish contains 5,211 eggs, 21 quarts of oil and 110 pounds each of bacon, onion, and garlic. 

In the United Kingdom, Easter Monday is an opportunity to extend the holiday weekend and often involves eating leftover chocolates and shopping, with major chains holding sales across the nation.

Egg rolling is another popular British tradition on Easter Monday. The winner must roll a hard-boiled egg down a hill the farthest. 

In Nigeria, Easter Monday is often marked with the colorful Lagos Carnival. Participants dress in dazzling costumes as tourists flock from around the region.

RTR3M4U1 A participant dressed in costume attends the Lagos Carnival on Easter Monday in Lagos April 21, 2014. Photo: Reuters

In Israel, Christians play bagpipes and dress up in their best clothes for an annual Easter Monday parade in Tel Aviv. Historic churches in Jerusalem also hold traditional masses to celebrate the life of Christ.  

RTR3M1UA Israeli Arab Christian boy scouts play bagpipes during an Easter Monday parade in Tel Aviv's Jaffa neighbourhood, April 21, 2014. Photo: Reuters