“Fifty Shades of Grey,” the first erotica novel in a trilogy about the relationship between megalomaniac, BDSM-practicing billionaire Christian Grey and his sexual prey, college graduate Anastasia “Ana” Steele, became a global phenomenon in 2011. The trilogy is being made into a movie due out in February 2015, and there are signs the erotica novel's fanbase are more than just eager to see the big-screen adaptation. If you're part of that fanbase -- whether you're an in-the-closet or out-and-proud “Fifty Shades of Grey” reader -- you’re probably experiencing many of the same symptoms. IF so, here are the top 10 signs you’re obsessed and have been whipped by the E.L. James erotica series:

You are now conscious of every time you bite your lip and the effect it might have on others around you

No longer is biting your lip just a normal, human occurrence. If you’re whipped by “Fifty Shades,” it is now a deliberate act you use in attempt to seduce others. Problem is, it never looks as sexy as it is described in the book, but you keep trying anyway in the hopes of one day looking Ana-esque.

You desperately want to visit Seattle

Long gone are the days when you dreamed of relaxing on a beach during your yearly vacation -- now it’s all about rainy Seattle. If you’re a super fan, you may even want to venture to Vancouver, where the film is currently being shot.

You’re on a constant hunt for your own Christian Grey

Any sighting of any decently attractive male in a seemingly expensive suit sends you into an all-out tizzy. Could he be my personal Christian Grey?

Any updates about the film, no matter how small, make your day

“WHAT! Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are filming on a desolate street corner somewhere -- I must drop everything! Must quickly Google “Fifty Shades of Grey set pics!”

You try to get others (some successfully, others not so much) to read the trilogy

And sometimes you regret it when they actually decide to read it. Oh great, now my great aunt knows why I giggle every time she says the word, “Vanilla.”

You spend your free time pouring over fan-made trailers and movie posters

God bless Jamie Dornan and his former modeling days. While fans have to wait until next year to see Dornan portray Christian Grey on the big screen, clips and images of our future Mr. Grey are widely available on the Web. Another great find for "Fifty Shades" fans? Unofficial trailers.

You are now dedicated to watching everything Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have ever starred in

So what if I’ve already watched the entire first season of “Once Upon a Time”? I didn’t know Jamie Dornan was going to be Christian the first time I saw it! The same goes for Dakota Johnson. Did everyone but me know she had a cameo with Channing Tatum in "21 Jump Street?" Give me a minute while I go update my Netflix queue.

You have considered a career in journalism

Inspired by Kate Kavanaugh’s almost interview with the one and only Mr. Christian Grey, undeclared majors everywhere might be considering a career in journalism in hopes of finding their own true sadistic lover after reading James' novels.

You use catchphrases like, “Laters, Baby”

When the phrases your fictional reading obsessions use start leaking into your vocabulary, you know you might have a problem.

You have read the books more times than you can remember ...

No matter how many times you delve into James' novels, the end result is always the same -- you always come back for more.