(Photo: Red Bull)

As If surfing wasn't exciting enough, a member of the Red Bull Minor Threat team, made up of eight surfers dedicated to the sport, came up with the idea of attaching a flare to the end of his surf board.

The result: Flare Surfing.

Surfer Bruce Irons took to the waters of Mentawi Islands in Sumatra, Indonesia, with his board and a flare. The spectacular result, shown on the video below, is a blazing red trail of sparks that follows the surfer as he rides the waves.

31-year-old Irons did the stunt during a session that was photographed for Stab Australia surfing magazine.

Warning: For all the amateur surfers out there, Irons doesn't recommend paddling novices give this a try!

 To tell you the truth, I wasn't feeling it at first, but it actually turned out to be cooler than I ever could have imagined, Irons claims in the video.

It's kind of hard to explain how it looks. You sit out there trying to keep the flare above the water, while all the time you have the pyrotechnics coming in with the board all set up and ready. At night time, it's even more difficult, because you can't see. You don't know if the flare is a dud and you just have to keep the board up and hopefully everything lines up, which it kind of did, Irons added.

The end result looks straight out of a Hollywood action film as the fireball chases Irons over the waves.

Have a look at the video below: